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Tea Party Candidates Arizona Primary August 28 2012:

Vote for Tea Party Candidates in Arizona Aug 28 primary. Arizona Conservative Congressional Recommendations The Arizona pro life candidate recommendation are provided below:

U.S. Senate - Wil Cardon - Tea Party Conservative
Note that Congressman Jeff Flake has a liberal record on amnesty weak on immigration and has been endorsed by liberal John McCain.

Congress-District 1: Jonathan Paton
Congress-District 2: Martha McSally
Congress-District 3: Gabriela Saucedo Mercer
Congress-District 4: Ron Gould
Congress-District 5: Matt Salmon
Congress-District 6: David Schweikert
Congress-District 7: Scott Fistler
Congress-District 8: Trent Franks
Congress-District 9: Wendy Rogers
Congressional Candidate Info from http://azconservative.org/
Congress 6th District David Schweikert is recommended over Ben Quayle
Reasons to vote for David Schweikert at Freedom Works -
Congress 5th District Matt Salmon is recommended over Kirk Adams who is endorsed by Liberal John McCain. http://www.yaliberty.org/pac/candidates/schweikert

Arizona State Legislature

State Senate-District 1: Steve Pierce
State Senate-District 5: Sam Scarmonde
State Senate-District 6: Chester Crandall
State Senate-District 8: Joe Ortiz
State Senate-District 9: Tyler Mott
State Senate-District 10: Frank Antenori
State Senate- District 11: Al Melvin
State Senate-District 12: Andy Biggs
State Senate-District 13: John Nelson
State Senate-District 14: Gail Griffin
State Senate-District 16: John Fillmore
State Senate-District 17: Steve Yarbrough
State Senate-District 18: John McComish
State Senate-District 20: Kimberly Yee
State Senate-District 21: Rick Murphy
State Senate-District 22: Judy Burges
State Senate-District 25: Russell Pearce
State Senate-27: Sarah Coleman
State Senate-District 28: Adam Driggs

State House Legislative Arizona Tea Party Conservative Recommendations

See recommended list of conservative candidates below with the Tea Party thinking
State Rep-District 1: Lori Klein, Andy Tobin State Rep.-District 5: Doris Goodale State Rep.-District 6: Brenda Barton State Rep.-District 8: Frank Pratt State Rep.-District 10: Ted Vogt
State Rep.-District 11: Steve Smith, Adam Kwasman State Rep.-District 12: Larry Chesley, Eddie Farnsworth State Rep.-District 13: Steve Montenegro, Darin Mitchell State Rep.-District 14: David Stevens, David Gowan State Rep.-District 15: John Allen, David Smith
State Rep.-District 16: Kelly Townsend, Judy Novalsky State Rep.-District 17: J.D. Mesnard, Tom Forese State Rep.-District 18: Jeff Dial, Bob Robson
State Rep.-District 20: Carl Seel, Paul Boyer State Rep.-District 21: Rick Gray, Debbie Lesko State Rep.-District 22: Phil Lovas, Jeanette Dubreil State Rep.-23: John Kavanaugh, Michelle Ugenti State Rep.-25: Justin Pierce, Justin Olson
State Rep.-26: Ray Speakman State Rep.-27: Daniel Coleman State Rep.-28: Amanda Reeve State Rep.-29: Charles Ellis (Write-In)
Arizona Corporation Commission (recommend casting 2 votes only): Bob Stump, Bob Burns
Pima County Sheriff: Walt Setzer
Gilbert City Council: Jenn Daniels
Glendale Mayor: Jerry Weiers
Sierra Vista City Council: John George
Pinal County Sheriff: Tom Bearup
Scottsdale City Council: Christina Serena
Scottsdale Mayor: Drew Bernhardt
Maricopa County Supervisors:
1.Denny Barney 2.Lester Pearce 3.Andy Kunasek 4.Jean McGrath 5.Write-in Republican Candidate- Ron Harders

County Attorney: Bill Montgomery
Supervisor Legislative District 3: Andy Kunasek
Supervisor Legislative District 2: Steve Churci
Supervisor Legislative District 1: Denny Barney

Also for more info see http://azconservative.org/2012/08/17/election-endorsements-august-16/

Twenty-four percent of Tea Partiers think violent action against the government could be justified, but that number rises to 32 percent among Tea Party activists. A Republican candidate for Arizona's open Senate seat hinted that he opposes the pre-existing condition portion of the Affordable Care Act during a forum Monday. Tea Party Candidates, who is locked in a competitive GOP candidate primary for the open seat, was asked about the pre-existing condition portion of the health care law during a forum sponsored by a local NBC affiliate and with primary opponent conservative Wil Cardon. Jeff Flake used the forum to hint his opposition to the law, which would make it illegal for insurers to deny coverage to people with pre-existing medical conditions. "If individuals are allowed to access health care services only when they are sick or injured, there is no reason for anyone to have insurance," Flake wrote in response to an online question. "If insurance companies are required to accept all pre-existing conditions, insurance is no longer insurance."

More than three in four Tea Party activists in the Arizona primary get their television political news from Fox News Channel.

Tea Party Candidates Washington State Primary: August 7 2012

But the most active Tea Parties hold especially favorable views of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, and 50 percent think Sarah Palin has the ability to be an effective president. Among Tea Partiers in general, just 40 percent think she has that ability.

Washington State will elect their conservative candidates in the August 7, 2012 Washington Primary.From its Olympia office, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation seeks “to advance individual liberty, personal responsibility and limited and accountable government.” Its areas of focus include the Washington State budget, educational policy, and health care policy.
US Senate Michael Baumgartner (R)
Governor: Shahram Hadian (R)
Lt. Governor Glenn Anderson (R)
Attorney General: Stephen Pidgeon (R)
Commissioner of Public Lands: Clint Didier
State Supreme Court 9: Richard Sanders;
US House 2: Dan Matthews (R) - or John Shoop (R) - Businessman;;
US House 3: Jaime Herrera Beutler;
US House 4: Doc Hastings (R)* - or Jamie Wheeler (R) -
US House 5: Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R)*
US House 6: Stephan Brodhead (R) - Tea Party Activist or
US House 8: Keith Swank (R) -
US House 10: Dick Muri (R) -

Washington State Election State Senate - State House

State House 1, #1: Brian Travis;; Human Life PAC endorsed State Senate 2: Randi Becker;; Human Life PAC State Senate 3: Nancy McLaughlin;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 3, #1: Tim Benn;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 3, #2: Dave White;; Human Life PAC State Senate 4: Mike Padden;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 4, #1: Larry Crouse;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 4, #2: Matt Shea;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 6, #2: Jeff Holy;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 7, #1: Shelly Short;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 8, #1: Brad Klippert;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 8, #2: Larry Haler;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 10, #2: Dave Hayes;; Human Life PAC endorsed State Senate 11: Kristin Thompson State House 11, #2: Sarah Sanoy-Wright;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 12, #1: Cary Condotta;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 13, #1: Judy Warnick;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 13, #2: Matt Manweller;; Human Life PAC State House 15, #1: Bruce Chandler;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 15, #2: David Taylor;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 16, #1: Mary Ruth Edwards;; Human Life PAC endorsed

State Senate 17: Don Benton;; lifepac.org endorsed, Human Life PAC endorsed http://lifepac.org/ss1/2012/benton.htm State House 17, #1: Julie Olson;; lifepac.org endorsed, Human Life PAC endorsed http://lifepac.org/ss1/2012/olson.htm State House 17, #2: Paul Harris;; lifepac.org endorsed, Human Life PAC endorsed http://electharris.com/ State Senate 18: Ann Rivers;; lifepac.org endorsed, Human Life PAC endorsed http://lifepac.org/ss1/2012/rivers.htm State House 18, #1: Brandon Vick;; lifepac.org endorsed, Human Life PAC endorsed http://www.electbrandonvick.com/ State House 18, #2: Liz Pike;; lifepac.org endorsed, Human Life PAC endorsed http://lifepac.org/ss1/2012/pike.htm

State Senate 19; Rick Winsman;; lifepac.org endorsed http://www.winsman2012.com/ State House 19, A: Dixie Kolditz;; lifepac.org endorsed, Human Life PAC endorsed http://www.votedixie.com/ State House 19, B: Tim Sutinen;; lifepac.org endorsed, Human Life PAC previous endorsement http://votelibertywa.org/ State Senate 20: Dan Swecker;; , Human Life PAC endorsed http://lifepac.org/ss1/2012/swecker.htm State House 20, A: Richard DeBolt;; , Human Life PAC previous endorsement http://www.richarddebolt.com/ State House 20, B: Ed Orcutt;; lifepac.org endorsed, Human Life PAC endorsed http://lifepac.org/ss1/2012/orcutt.htm

State House 23, #2: James Olsen;; Human Life PAC endorsed State Senate 24: Jim Hargrove;; Human Life PAC endorsed State Senate 25: Bruce Dammeier;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 25, #1: Carole Sue Braaten OR Michele Smith;; both Human Life PAC endorsed State House 25, #2: Hans Zeiger;; Human Life PAC State House 26, #1: Jan Angel;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 26, #2: Doug Richards;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 27, #1: Steven Cook;; Human Life PAC endorsed State Senate 28: Mike Carrell;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 28, #1: Steve O'Ban;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 28, #2: J. Paul Wagemann;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 30, #1: Linda Kochmar OR Tony Moore;; both Human Life PAC endorsed State House 31, #1: Cathy Dahlquist;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 32, #1: Randy Hayden;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 35, #2: Drew MacEwen;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 38, #1: Sam Wilson;; Human Life PAC State House 38, #2: Michael Casey;; Human Life PAC State Senate 39: Kirk Pearson;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 39, #1: Dan Kristiansen;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 39, #2: Elizabeth Scott OR Gregory Lemke OR Robert Zimmerman;; all Human Life PAC endorsed

State Senate 40: John Swapp;; Human Life PAC State House 42, #1: Jason Overstreet;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 42, #2: Vincent Buys;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 44, #1: Mark Harmsworth;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 47, #1: Mark Hargrove;; Human Life PAC endorsed State House 47, #2: Andy Massagli;; Human Life PAC endorsed State Senate 49: Eileen Qutub;; lifepac.org endorsed, Human Life PAC endorsed http://lifepac.org/ss1/2012/qutub.htm State House 49, #1: Debbie Peterson;; lifepac.org endorsed, Human Life PAC endorsed http://lifepac.org/ss1/2012/peterson.htm State House 49, #2: Carolyn Crain;; lifepac.org endorsed, Human Life PAC endorsed http://lifepac.org/ss1/2012/crain.htm

Clark County Commissioner, #1: Tom Mielke;; lifepac.org previous endorsement Clark County Commissioner, #2: Mark Boldt;; lifepac.org previous endorsement

Human Life PAC: http://lifepac.org/ss1/2012/hlpac.htm https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IA9i0-dTb0lNnE3Hvt2oky2Tm9hLksTf5MUc0R5mZdI/edit

Tea Party Candidates Arkansas Primary: May 22

Vote for Arkansas Tea Party Candidates in the May Primary.
U.S. Congress for Conservative Tea Party Candidates Arkansas
District 1 Congress: Rick Crawford Endorsed by: Former Congressman, Asa Hutchinson
District 2 Congress : Tim Griffin < Endorsed by House Conservatives
District 4 Congress: Tom Cotton Endorsed By: The Conservative Victory Fund (CVF), the nation’s oldest conservative campaign committee

Arkansas Legislature State Senate District 7: Jon Woods
State House District 80: Charlene Fite
House District 81: Justin Harris
House District 97: Jeremy Miller
Arkansas State Senate - District 1 Bart Hester
Senate District 7 — Jon Woods
House District 80 — Charlene Fite
House District 81 — Justin Harris
House District 97 — Jeremy Miller

This group has an especially gloomy outlook on the economy; 62 percent of them say it is getting worse, and more than six in 10 say when it comes to the availability of good jobs for American workers, America's best years are behind us. The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the problem is that government spends too much. Ronald Reagan The taxpayer - that's someone who works for the federal government but doesn't have to take the civil service examination.

South Dakota Primary: June 5 2012

Vote for the tea party conservative candidates in South Dakota. More than half of Tea Party activists (55 percent) say the amount of income tax they have to pay this year is unfair. Among Tea Partiers as whole, 42 percent feel that way.

Tea Party Candidates Utah 2012

Vote for tea party candidates in Utah, June 26, 2012. Unlike Tea Partiers overall, these activists hold a net negative view of the Republican Party. Fewer than half - 44 percent - view the party favorably, while 50 percent have an unfavorable opinion of the Republican Party.

Dan Liljenquist is the tea party favorite candidate in Republican primary.

If there is ever an endorsement that should be the kiss of death, Orrin Hatch has now received it. Liberal Republican turned Democrat and generally nauseating person Arlen Specter has endorsed Orrin Hatch. If Specter thinks someone is a good choice for any elective office, including elementary school PTA, that is a certain indication that individual is not someone we want in office. Specter pointed to other elections which a GOP “establishment” candidate lost — or almost lost — to a tea party candidate. He asked Utah voters to keep Hatch in the U.S. Senate and avoid repeating that pattern. Can we be blunt? Specter is an idiot.
However, Orrin Hatch has been in Washington for 35 years. That is way too long. Hatch is a part of the problem. He has voted for major big government programs and has been far too willing to help liberals by “reaching across the aisle.” Dan Liljenquist is a great young conservative who is running to replace Hatch. Hatch has been part of the problem in Washington for too long. You can help Dan Liljenquist win in Utah and put another Tea Party Senator in office

Tea Party Candidates Maryland Primary: April 3, 2012

Vote in the Maryland Primary for tea party candidates.

Maryland Tea Party Candidates Voting Guide 2012

Co endorse Rich Douglas former aid to Jessie Helms or
Rick Hoover for Senate

6th Joe Krysztoforski for Congress

Pro Life Slate
The following candidates have been endorsed by the Maryland Right to Life Federal Political Action Committee fpr 2012: Office Sought District Candidate Name Political Party* U.S. Congress 1 - Andy Harris Republican
U.S. Congress 2 - Nancy Jacobs Republican
U.S. Congress 5 - Tony O'Donnell Republican
US Congress 8 - Dave Wallace Republican

Unlike the Washington establishment, Americans can see the world logically. We can do simple math and understand that spending $1.5 trillion of money we don't have every year (and borrowing money from China to feed that spending addiction) cannot continue without severe consequences.

As many as 72 percent of Tea Party activists in Maryland are angry about the way things are going in Washington, compared to 53 percent of Tea Party supporters.

It seems to me that the left's disagreement with the Tea Party candidates comes down to two things:

They want to spend more. We don't.
  • They want to see more career politicians like elected. We don't.




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