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Life Chain, A Pro Life Witness To Your Community

Life Chain is a Pro Life Witness in your community, in your city that "Abortion Kills Children". Read the below to see how you can assist in your community to witness to ladies considering an abortion.


Over 1,000 cities and towns across North America were involved in Life Chain last year, and on October 2 prolifers will have another opportunity to build a powerful local witness for God to anoint and use to save the lives of local boys and girls. Will unborn children in your city have Life Chain protection? Only 53 life defenders standing 100 feet apart can build a mile-long Life Chain. Imagine 500 prolifers building a Chain 10 miles long! And the cost is very low, about 25 cents per person, to be covered by freewill donations.

To include your city in National Life Chain Sunday 2005, on October 2, contact Life Chain's sponsor, "Please Let Me Live" at 530-671-5500 or by email at or view web sites or All

materials needed are readily available. Pro-Life Yard Signs (Abortion Kills Children) to supplement the Life Chain can be found at The Ten Commandments.

A well placed yard sign can be seen by thousands every day, all year long. To find a partial list of Life Chain locations across the United States and Canada, go to

What are the benefits of promoting the Life Chain?

1. Life Chain has involved millions of people in over 1,000 cities.

2. For this annual event, several million people will be informed of the importance of the Pro-Life - anti abortion position.

3. Over a million people each year will participate in a Life Chain. Millions more will see a Life Chain or will see an article about it in a newspaper or other news media. The Life Chain prolife message has touched the majority of Americans.

4. Most of the organizers of Life Chains, are actively involved in crisis pregnancy center or a state or local pro-life organization. A major indirect result is as a result of the church contacts and participation, the Life Chain has become an active recruiting tool for local and state pro-Life organizations. Many volunteers for the crisis pregnancy centers and new members of many pro-life organizations have been recruited through the Life Chain.

5. Life Chain has contributed to the growth of many Pro-Life organizations and has made millions aware of the abortion problem.

6. The new Pro-Life yard signs will continue the Pro-Life message all year long. Just one well placed yard sign can effect thousands of people each day. A few yard signs will effect thousands of people every day, and will have a lasting effect on your community. Only God knows how many people this witness will touch one about to have an abortion.

7. Against Abortion, Abortion Facts, a Pro Life witness to your community.

Life Chain Signs

These durable 18"x24" signs may be used during a Life Chain. After the Life Chain, they can be used at other Pro-Life or Anti Abortion Events. Optional wire stand allows one to establish a pro-life - anti abortion witness to their city all year long. Made of durable chloroplast, These signs will withstand the outside weather for 3 years in southern states. Some people, use a ladder and nail these to trees for a permanent witness to the community.

The Life Chain Manual is available, as you likely know, at, and you may call me any time you have need (530-674-5068) or email me at Never doubt that your leadership is invaluable to the Life Chain ministry, and please respond very soon.

Blessings, in Christ,

Royce Dunn, Director of Life Chain
President of Please Let Me Live

P.S. Please Let Me Live's 5000-word pamphlets are still saving lives, and you may view them at

I appreciate your doing so.

For Pro Life T-shirt info see

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