Alabama Statewide Elections
Conservative Endorsements

Subject: Analysis of Statewide Area Races

Reasons for statewide Endorsements


Judge Roy Moore

He is our best chance or holding back tax increases, and repealing the heavy tax burden imposed by the current administration. He will immediately repeal the Annual Reappraisal of Property Values. He is the only candidate for governor who has taken the no tax pledge.
Judge Moore is a person of committed moral values. We know we can depend upon him to keep his word.
I will stop the illegal invasion.

Bob Riley

If good looks, fancy jewelry, a impressive flamboyant Clinton type personality, were the criteria for endorsement, Bob Riley would easy take the endorsement and would be reelected. After running for Governor in 2002, and promising No New Taxes, the average voter in Alabama feels betrayed. The old traditional Democrat voter who left the fold as he could not stomach the liberalism of Jessie Jackson and Bill Clinton, will have a hard time voting for Billion Dollar Bob. If Bob Riley wins the Republican nomination, there is no way that Bob Riley can win the majority of the votes of the hard pressed taxpayer. A vote for Bob Riley will ensure that a Democratic will likely be elected in November.

Governor Riley's order of annual reappraisals is expected to raise taxes by 500 million or about 42% of what his failed tax proposal would have brought in.

The 65 Alabama Plants have closed in mostly small town Alabama as a result of the trade agreement legislation passed with the help and critical key votes of Governor (former Congressman) Bob Riley

Lt. Governor

Luther Strange Luther Strange, Alabama's Lt. Governor Candidate

Luther backed Bob Riley's Amendment 1.

a. Luther Strange's firm contributed $50,000 on 8/6/03 for (Amendment 1). Source: Alabama Secretary of State records.

b. Luther Strange's lobbyist clients contributed $620,000 for pro-tax (Amendment 1) advertising. Source: Alabama Secretary of State Records.

As a paid special interest lobbyist for Energen (Alabama Gas), his mission in life was to raise your utility rates.

Read more about Luthersrecord at:

George Wallace, Jr. Illegal Immigration

The illegal immigration problem in our country is not just an economic dilemma; it�s a National Security Emergency. In a post 911 world we must prevent the free flow of ILLEGAL immigrants into our country. While issues such as amnesty and or guest workers programs are under Federal Jurisdiction, I believe the State of Alabama should use every means at its disposal to discourage this illegal invasion of our country.

Mo Brooks
Mo Brooks stood up and fought the 2003 Amendment One tax increase. Mo Brooks has a record for fighting tax increases. Mo Brooks actively supported and voted for tort reform and against frivolous lawsuits. Mo Brooks while in the legislature voted for legislation that protects and promotes moral values and voted against government sponsored gambling.

Chief Justice Alabama Supreme Court

Tom Parker
My view are different from Drayton Nabors. I opposed Amendment 1 -- just as, years before I successfully fought a liberal lawsuit by the ACLU to increase our taxes by $2 billion through a judge-ordered tax increase.
In an age in which judge-ordered tax increases are taking place in nearly half the states, it strikes me as a risky move to elect a Chief Justice who believes Alabama's tax code is immoral and that tax increases are the only way to guarantee so-called social justice in our state.

Drayton Nabors

Instigator and Architect of the Billion Dollar Bob Amendment 1, the largest tax increase in Alabama history.

As Bob Rileys Finance Chairman (Cabinet Level Post), Drayton Nabors implemented the Annual Reappraisals of Property Values, resulting in major tax increases to every property owner in the state.

Drayton Nabors main platform is Protecting the Rule of Law Drayton Nabors believes that if a federal judge makes a outlandish decision which changes the law entirely (commonly called Legislating from the bench), that rule of law should be obeyed and respected. Drayton Nabors was a law clerk under the famous U.S. Supreme Court Justice who did more to change the laws of America by legislating from the bench, with such landscape changing ruling such as the famous 1963 Prayer and Bible Reading in the schools. Drayton honored Hugo Black by inducting him into the Alabama Legal Hall of Fame. Drayton evens admits to this liberal thinking on his own web site, see

Tax Relief for Birmingham is on the way.

Jefferson County Commission If two conservatives can upset two liberal County Commissioners, we could get some tax relief.

1. Jim Carnes (Conservative) vs. Gary White (Liberal)

2. Bobby Humphyres (Conservative) vs. Mary Buckelew (Liberal)

3. Tom Davis (Conservative) for House District 48. Conservative Tom Davis is running against tax raising RINOS.

4. Scott Beason (Conservative) for State Senate 17, running against liberal Jack Biddle


Read a detailed analysis of these races below.

Tax Relief Coming to Jefferson County

1. Jim Carnes (Conservative) vs. Gary White (Liberal)

Jefferson County Commission

For the past three years, Jefferson County has suffered under the tyranny of the Larry Langford Commission. Although Republicans have a 3-2 majority on the County Commission, RINO (Republican in Name Only) Gary White cast the swing vote to elect Larry Langford as Commission President. Propped up with the solid support of RINO Mary Buckelew, this Commission has driven the county deeper in debt, has added a one cent sales tax, and has built a climate unfriendly to business.

But relief is on the way. RINO Gary White is being challenged by conservative State Representative Jim Carns. Carns is a solid, pro-business, pro-family conservative with a solid conservative voting record in the Alabama House of Representatives. See his voting record: http://www.ccofal.orgalabama/Scorecard.pdf



Bobby Humphyres (Conservative) vs. Mary Buckelew (Liberal)

Jefferson County Commission Place 3

RINO Mary Buckelew is challenged by conservative leader, Representative Bobby Humphryes. Humphyres has led the way on pro-life, pro-family legislation, has pushed hard to repeal the Buckelew sales tax increase. The election of Carns and Humphyres, along with the re-election of conservative Bettye Fine Collins, would give a conservative majority on the County Commission.

Both Carns and Humphryes opposed the Arrington MAPS tax, the Transit tax, and the recent Buckelew sales tax increase. The taxpayers have great friends in Carns and Humphyres and now they are needed at the Jefferson County Courthouse to do battle with Larry Langford and Shelia Smoot.

See his voting record:



Tom Davis vs. Greg Canfield

House District 48: Jefferson (Southern), Shelby

House District 48 Election to replace Jim Carnes Jim Carns (R)* - Running for Jefferson County Commission in 2006 and is leaving the job of Representative of House District 48.

Tom Davis (R) - Attorney and Bank Founder
Greg Canfield (R) - Vestavia City Council President
Hugh Cort (R) - Psychiatrist http://www.cortfordishttp:
Della Fancher (R) - Activist
Terry Reagen (R)

Tom Davis- a fiscal and moral conservative who supports lower taxes. He is for abolishing the annual reappraisal of property taxes.
Tom Davis will work to roll back and then freeze property taxes to keep our taxes low and encourage the American dream of home ownership.
Tom Davis was previously the Alabama Republican Party Nominee for State Treasurer, and also for a Judgeship in Jefferson County.

Greg Canfield- Vestavia Hills City Council,

Della Fancher- Co-Architect of the Cahaba Heights annexation into Vestavia Hills, which has resulted in soaring property and sales taxes.

Della Fancher is apparently quite wealthy and has contributed to the campaigns of many liberal Democrats. Records with the Alabama Secretary of State reflect that Della Fancher has contributed to the campaigns of Democrats Don Siegelman, Dewayne Freeman, Tom Butler, and the Congressional race of Marsha Folsom, wife of former Governor Jim Folsom.

Dr. Hugh Cort, a Psychiatrist, is running. He is also running for President.


4. Scott Beason (Conservative) vs. Jack Biddle (Liberal)

State Senate District 17 Northern Jefferson County

Incumbant Jack Biddle vs. Scott Beason

Jack Biddle is the incumbent Republican State Senator. Jack is a former Democrat who has not forgotten his liberal roots. A rating of state senators, reflects that Jack Biddle is the most liberal Republican in the Alabama Legislature, expecting one other.
See rating of all state senators and see how liberal is Jack Biddle at:

Jack Biddle supported the Billion Dollar Bob Tax Plan.
The Christian Coalition Score Card shows that Jack Biddle voted "Present" or not voting, on 8 out of 20 key votes on moral issues. Which reflects a lack of leadership of standing for moral values. This reflects Jack Biddle as being one of the most liberal Republican State Senators in the Alabama Legislature. Jack Biddle voted "Present" on most of the Don Sigeleman's Lottery Proposals, which would have allowed the Lottery and Gambling to come into the state.

You can view Jack Biddle's voting record on moral issues (or lack there of) at:

Scott Beason has a reputation for a integrity and conservative values. In a rating of the Alabama Legislature, Scott Beason was rated the Number 1 Conservative House Member on tax and moral issues. See rating of all members of the Alabama Legislature at:

Scott Beason opposed the Billion Dollar Bob Tax Plan. Scott Beason will work to stop the annual reappraisal of property values which is an annual tax increase.

Scott Beason received a rating of "A" from the Christian Coalition Scorecard. Scott Beason has consistently stood against the special interest groups. View his voting record at: http://www.ccofal.orgalabama/Scorecard.pdf


American History Facts brought to you by Conservative Christians of Alabama

December 27, 1939

The Glen Miller Show debuts

Radio program The Glen Miller Show debuts on CBS. Miller, born in Colorado in 1904, had been a struggling bandleader for several years when he landed his own radio show. Thanks largely to his radio program, Miller became one of the most popular band leaders of the swing era. His hits included swing classics such as "In the Mood" and "Tuxedo Junction." In 1942, Miller joined the air force and created a band to boost troop morale. In 1944, his plane from England to Paris disappeared and was never found. Miller, age 40, was presumed dead.

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