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Subject: Analysis of Birmingham Area Races


Birmingham Area - Analysis of Candidates

This email contains recommendations of Birmingham area candidates, and reasons are provided why the candidate is being recommend.

Locations to pick them up provided at the bottom of this email.



Bobby Humphryes - - Jefferson County Commission Pl 3
Bettye Fine Collins - - Jefferson County Commission Pl 4
Jim Carns - - Jefferson County Commission Pl 5
Pat Moore - - House District 15 (Northest Jefferson)
Mary Sue McClurkin - - House District 43
Albert Morton - - House District 45
Jack Williams - - House District 47
Tom Davis - - House District 48 (South Jefferson, Shelby)
Vicki Self Bailey - - House District 51
Scott Beason - - Senate District 17 (North Jefferson)
S.D. Smallwood - - Probate Judge Place 2
Mike Hale - - Sheriff

Other Recommendations. Read the recommendations of the Birmingham News, then vote exactly opposite.


Encourage others to vote. Our future depends greatly upon conservatives going to the polls on June 6. To encourage others to vote, forward the below right now to your church secretary:


Remember your patriotic and civic duty to vote on June 6 in the Republican or Democratic Primary. The election includes many local and state wide offices. One of the most important items on the ballot is the Traditional Marriage Constitutional Amendment. A "Yes" vote will permanently write the traditional Biblical perspective of marriage into our state constitution. Polls are open from 7AM to 7PM.



House District 15 (Northwest Jefferson) Pat Moore is a solid pro life Christian. She has a history of standing for the people and can be counted on to be a voice for conservative values in the Alabama Legislature.


2. TOM DAVIS (Conservative) vs. Greg Canfield (Liberal)
House District 48: Jefferson (Southern), Shelby
Hrouse District 48 Election to replace Jim Carnes
Jim Carns (R)* - Running for Jefferson County Commission in 2006 and is leaving the job of Representative of House District 48.

TOM DAVIS (R) - Attorney and Bank Founder
Greg Canfield (R) - Vestavia City Council President
Hugh Cort (R) - Psychiatrist
Della Fancher (R) - Activist
Terry Reagen (R)

Tom Davis- a fiscal and moral conservative who supports lower taxes. He is for abolishing the annual reappraisal of property taxes. Tom Davis will work to roll back and then freeze property taxes to keep our taxes low and encourage the American dream of home ownership.

Tom Davis was previously the Alabama Republican Party Nominee for State Treasurer, and also for a Judgeship in Jefferson County.

Greg Canfield- Vestavia Hills City Council,

Della Fancher- Co-Architect of the Cahaba Heights annexation into Vestavia Hills, which has resulted in soaring property and sales taxes.

Della Fancher is apparently quite wealthy and has contributed to the campaigns of many liberal Democrats. Records with the Alabama Secretary of State reflect that Della Fancher has contributed to the campaigns of Democrats Don Siegelman, Dewayne Freeman, Tom Butler, and the Congressional race of Marsha Folsom, wife of former Governor Jim Folsom.

Dr. Hugh Cort, a Psychiatrist, is running. He is also running for President.

Tom Davis has been endorsed by the Alabama Republican Assembly and Conservative Christians of Alabama.


VICKI SELF BAILEY - House District 51

Will work to prevent the abuse of eminent domain laws, and for the accountability of citizen's tax dollars, and I believe in the traditional definition of marriage. Vicki is pro-life and will work hard for the people of District 51 and be their voice in Montgomery. Vicki Self Bailey was endorsed by the conservative group, Alabama Republican Assembly, and is the clear conservative choice of Alabama Conservative Christians.


Rep Albert Morton - House District 45.

In the State House District 45 race, Rep. Albert Morton is being challenged by liberal Leeds City Councilman Owen Drake. Drake has either introduced or supported every single tax or fee hike considered by the city council except one and has constantly supported reckless spending. On the other hand, Morton has a solid conservative voting record in the Legislature and has consistently been highly ranked by the Christian Coalition.


Scott Beason (Conservative) vs. Jack Biddle (Liberal)
State Senate District 17 Northern Jefferson County

Incumbent Jack Biddle vs. Scott Beason

Jack Biddle is the incumbent Republican State Senator. Jack is a former Democrat who has not forgotten his liberal roots. A rating of state senators, reflects that Jack Biddle is one of the most liberal Republicans in the Alabama Legislature, expecting one other.

Jack Biddle supported the Billion Dollar Bob Tax Plan.

The Christian Coalition Score Card shows that Jack Biddle voted "Present" on 8 out of 20 key votes on moral issues. Which reflects a lack of leadership to stand for moral values. This reflects Jack Biddle as being one of the most liberal Republican State Senators in the Alabama Legislature. Jack Biddle voted "Present" on most of the Don Sigeleman's Lottery Proposals, which would have allowed the Lottery and Gambling to come into the state.

Scott Beason has a reputation for a integrity and conservative values. In a rating of the Alabama Legislature, Scott Beason was rated the Number 1 Conservative House Member on tax and moral issues. See rating of all members of the Alabama Legislature.

Scott Beason opposed the Billion Dollar Bob Tax Plan. Scott Beason will work to stop the annual reappraisal of property values which is an annual tax increase. Scott Beason received a rating of "A" from the Christian Coalition Scorecard. Scott Beason has consistently stood against the special interest groups:



The liberal Larry Langford team has shifted into over drive to defeat conservative candidates Bobby Humphryes, Bettye Fine Collins and Jim Carns for seats on the Jefferson County Commission. As you will remember, Langford is the liberal Democrat President of the majority Republican Commission thanks to the vote of liberal RINO (Republican in Name Only) Gary White.

Since White put Langford in power, the county debt has skyrocketed, taxes and fees have been raised and an anti-business climate has become a way of life.


In the District 3 race, Humphryes has a solid record as a conservative State Representative. He has led the way on pro-life issues, pro-family legislation, and pushed to repeal the Langford sales tax increase. In addition, he opposed the Langford supported MAPS Tax several years ago and has signed a pledge to support only a Republican for President of the Commission. Bobby Humphryes received a solid conservative rating from the Christian Coalition and also the rating of the Ala Legislature, reflects that Bobby Humphryes has a record of standing for the people. His opponent, Ann Hodges Goolsby does not seem to have a firm grasp of the issues and is widely thought to be supported by Langford. She strongly supported the Storm Water Tax increase and has refused to sign the pledge to support a Republican for Commission President. She is outspoken in her criticism of conservative Commissioner Bettye Fine Collins.


In the District 4 race, Incumbent Collins is being challenged by a RINO recruited by the Langford team. Collins has been the lone conservative voice on the Commission and she has been the only voice to oppose Langford's kooky ideas and reckless spending. One of the latest issues she did battle with Langford and White on was spending several million dollars on a downtown trolley system which doesn't even have tracks to run on. In addition to serving on the commission, Mrs. Collins serves as National Committeewoman on the Republican National Committee and has proven her credentials as a conservative leader. Commissioner Collins easily deserves re-election.


The District 5 race has taken a nasty turn as liberal RINO Gary White has started a smear campaign of lies and distortion against conservative challenger Jim Carns. White's tenure on the commission has been disastrous for conservatives. He has been at the epicenter of the sewer boondoggle which has caused our sewer rates to be raised by 1,000% and are projected to go even higher. He has supported several tax hikes, including the MAPS Tax, the occupational tax, the Storm Water Tax, and voted twice for a taxpayer funded Dome. (He flip-flopped his position on this when Carns entered the race) Since making Langford President of the Commission, he has supported almost every wild spending scheme Langford has proposed. He has supported several questionable no-bid bond and construction contracts and currently has contractors working for his department who have been convicted of public corruption. He has pledged to vote only for himself for commission President if re-elected. ! Most conservatives aren't fooled by this Langford-White scheme for Langford to maintain control by making White President of the commission. Fortunately conservatives have a candidate to turn to in Representative Jim Carns. While serving in the state legislature, Carns has been a leader on pro-life, pro-family issues, welfare reform and pro-business issues. He is a solid family man and has pledged to be a solid conservative on the county commission. He has signed a pledge to support only a Republican for president of the commission and to fight for responsible fiscal policies and conservative spending. Jim Carns received a solid conservative rating from the Christian Coalition reflects that Jim Carns has a record of standing for the people.




County Name: Shelby


Drop Location:
Don Leipert
737 Main Street Suite 200
Montevallo 35115
(205) 365-8524

Directions: Contact Don Leipert for pickup or delivery.
Voter Guide Distributor: Don Leipert
Distributor Phone: (205) 365-8524


County Name: St. Clair

Drop Location:
Image Plus
30 Comer Avenue
Pell City 35125
(205) 338-2624
Directions: Contact Ren for pickup or delivery.
Voter Guide Distributor: Ren Wheeler
Distributor Phone: (205) 338-2624


County Name: Jefferson

Drop Location:
North Jefferson Baptist Association
3396 Mt. Olive Road
Mount Olive 35117
(205) 631-4126
Directions: Contact Steve Loggins for pickup.
Voter Guide Distributor: Steve Loggins
Distributor Phone: (205) 631-4126


Drop Location:
Maytown Baptist Church
4679 Birmingport Road
Maytown 35118
(205) 786-5359
Directions: Contact Pastor Killian for pickup.
Voter Guide Distributor: John Killian
Distributor Phone: (205) 786-5359


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January 17, 356 (traditional date): Antony of Egypt, regarded as the founder of Christian monasticism, dies at age 105. Committed to a life of solitude and absolute poverty, he took two companions with him into the desert when he knew his death was near. They were ordered to bury him without a marker so that his body would never become an object of reverence.

January 17, 1377: Gregory XI moves the papal see from Avignon (where it had been for 72 years) back to Rome. However, when he died the next year, two men (one in Rome, the other in Avignon) both claimed to succeed him, creating "The Great Schism." (The break between eastern and western churches in 1054 is also called "The Great Schism.")

January 17, 1525: The Zurich City Council arranges a public debate on the subject of infant baptism, which Ulrich Zwingli mandated but Conrad Grebel and Felix Manz (among others) opposed on the grounds that baptism symbolizes a believer's commitment to Christ. Grebel and Manz were defeated and eventually killed for their views.

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