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Alabama Constitution Amendments
November 4, 2014 Voter Election Information

Alabama constitution

Alabama Constitutional Amendments, March 1, 2016

Proposed Statewide Amendment Number One

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to authorize the Legislature to provide a retirement program for district attorneys and circuit clerks of the state who are first elected or appointed on or after November 8, 2016. (Proposed by Act 2015-342)

Vote YES on Amendment One. It is poorly worded. It does not provide a pension. It replaces an already-existing pension that the officials are not required to pay into with one that they do pay into.

Conservative Recommendations Alabama Constitutional Amendment - November 4, 2014

YES - Amendment 1 - Statewide Amendment 1 - Vote YES, prohibits foreign law from being applied.
Ballot language - Amendment 1
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to prohibit the State of Alabama from giving full faith and credit to public acts, records, or judicial proceedings of another state that violate the public policy of the State of Alabama and to prohibit the application of foreign law in violation of rights guaranteed natural citizens by the United States and Alabama Constitutions, and the statutes, laws, and public policy thereof, but without application to business entities. (Proposed by Act 2013-269)

NO - State wide Amendment 2 - Vote NO
This will raid the rainy day funds, therefore putting pressure on our already strapped state budget.
Ballot language - Amendment 2
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended, relating to the Capital Improvement Trust Fund, to increase the amount of the General Obligation Bonds authorized herein; to provide for additional payments from the Alabama Trust Fund to fund any bond issued; to provide for competitive bidding of the bonds; and to provide for the distribution of the proceeds for plans, construction, and maintenance of Alabama National Guard armories. (Proposed by Act 2013-266).
Conservative Christians of Ala, and Alabama Tea Party Express say Vote NO.
Also opposed by Association of County Commissions of Alabama, they say it would have a "devastating" effect on revenues that counties get from the Alabama Trust Fund.

YES - Statewide Amendment 3 - Vote YES - Endorsed by NRA
Ballot language - Amendment 3
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to provide that every citizen has a fundamental right to bear arms and that any restriction on this right would be subject to strict scrutiny; and to provide that no international treaty or law shall prohibit, limit, or otherwise interfere with a citizen's fundamental right to bear arms. (Proposed by Act 2013-267)
Senator Scott Beason and tea party groups support Amendment 3.

NO - Statewide Amendment 4 - VOTE NO
A poison bill, new authorization for city and county school boards to raise taxes.
This is a back door approach approach in raising taxes. While this amendment appears to do some good, concerning mandates, more taxes will be promoted and proposed by city and county school boards.
Ballot language - Amendment 4
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to prohibit a general law, whose purpose or effect is to require a new or increased expenditure of at least $50,000 of local funds annually, from becoming effective with regard to a city or county board of education without enactment by a 2/3 vote. (Proposed by Act 2014-185)
Conservative Groups say Vote NO. says Alliance for Citizens Rights, Alabama Tea Party Express, Conservative Christians of Alabama all say Vote NO.
Lots of pro and con info below on Amendment 4.

YES - Statewide Amendment 5 - Endorsed by NRA
Ballot language - Amendment 5
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to amend Amendment 597, now appearing as Section 36.02 of the Official Recompilation of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended, to clarify that the people have the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife subject to reasonable regulations that promote conservation and management of fish and wildlife and preserve the future of hunting and fishing. (Proposed by Act 2014-286)
Protects our right to hunt and fish. This is needed due to Federal over reach and EPA regulations.


Luther Strange - Special Thanks for his diligent upholding of our Constitution and our traditional conservative values, and service as our Attorney General.

For a More Detailed Information - See Below
LOCAL AMENDMENTS - 5 Counties - See Below.

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Cullman County - VOTE NO
Wastes money to fund retirement of a rich sheriff.
Ballot language:
Relating to Cullman County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to phase out the supernumerary system for certain public officials and allow elected or appointed county officials including the sheriff to participate in the Employees' Retirement System. (Proposed by Act 2014-84)

Franklin County - Vote YES
Ballot language:
Relating to Franklin County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to allow the Franklin County Water Coordinating and Fire Prevention Authority to provide sewer services and broadband Internet services in the county. (Proposed by Acts 2014-283 and 2014-285

Shelby County - VOTE NO
Any citizen should be allowed to serve in office of Probate Judge - Vote NO
Ballot language:
Relating to Shelby County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to provide that the Judge of Probate of Shelby County would be required to be an attorney licensed in this state. (Proposed by Act 2013-260)

Elmore County - Vote NO
Vote NO on proposed referendum, to allow more government regulations to regulate our private property. Authorizes fines for those citizens who do not comply with government demands.

Escambia County - Vote Yes
Ballot language:
Relating to Escambia County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to authorize the trustees of the Escambia County Oil and Gas Severance Trust to loan funds to Escambia County specifically for economic development and for roads and bridges and other capital projects in the county and to authorize other investments as otherwise provided for by local law. (Proposed by Act 2013-259

Great explanation of the State Wide Amendments,
great pro and con explanation
Wetumpkia Tea Party - Explanation of Alabama Constitution Statewide Amendments

Pro and Con Discussion on the Amendments From Alabama Citizens Alliance

Amendment #4
the “unfunded mandate bill”- (The VERY UGLY) Amendment #4 is, in my opinion, a very deceptive Amendment and by far the worst of the lot. Hidden within the Amendment's language are several “traps” and “miss-directions” which need to be fully understood for what they really do and what a devastating effect they can have on the state of Alabama if passed.

First miss-direction: The ballot language itself: this ballot language makes it sound like the threshold amount is $50,000 for each individual school board in order to be an un-funded mandate. But this is not the case. The truth is that this is a state wide “cummulative” amount of all local funds required to be spent by all school boards on that issue. Alabama has 67 counties, most of which have at least one city and one county school board. This means that the true threshold amount is only $373 per school board or $746 per county. Any expendature over this small amount would make it an un-funded mandate. Therefore, practically every piece of legislation controlling education in Alabama would require a difficult to obtain two-thirds vote of the Legislature to implement, thus destroying legislative oversight- any piece of legislation that is except for “compensation, benefits ...of any employee of a board of education.” The writers of the Amendment pulled that section out and arranged it so that these items would still only require the much lower threshold of a majority vote!

Second trap: Remember, in law, every word or even the placement of a comma or lack thereof has both meaning and consequences. One has to assume that every word inserted, or left out without explanation, is intended to convey meaning. Amendment #4 starts out by inserting the additional phrase, “or a city or county board of education” into the old version of Amendment #621 anywhere it had, “municipality or county, or instrumentality thereof.” But half way through the Amendment it changes to adding only the phrase, “or board” each time the other entities appear in a sentence. Without continuing to use the proper term, “or city or county board of education” and substituting only the words, “or board” without explanation, one might well ask, which board does it now apply to? Does this mean water boards, sewage boards- what boards? It does not specify. Are all boards going to now require a two-thirds vote of the Legislature in order to regulate them? Is this just sloppy legislation or is it an intentional power grab? Either way, the results will be the same.

Next the law refers to a bill qualifying as an un-funded mandate only until, “or until a law provides for a local source of revenue within the municipality, county, instrumentality, or board for the stated purpose and the affected municipality, county, instrumentality, or board is authorized by ordnance or resolution to levy and collect the revenue....” Municipalities already have taxing authority. Counties under certain circumstances can vote to raise taxes. Does this not put local “boards” on the same level under the Constitution as these other entities and provide the future vehicle for raising revenue by local boards taxing local citizens? Ask yourself- Do we really need another level of taxation stacked on our citizens' backs? We strongly recommend a NO vote on Amendment #4

The “Big Picture”: Our system of government was designed with many “checks and balances” to ensure that no one branch or division of government could take too much power and operate above and beyond the direction of the people. The responsibility of oversight, distribution of funds, and ultimately the power to check, balance, and control Alabama's public education resides with the Alabama Legislature. We badly need to maintain this check and balance on the State School Board and State Superintendent Bice. But what this Amendment would do, if passed, is prevent the Legislature from exercising any control over education without a super-majority vote on nearly every issue pertaining to education. A two-thirds vote is much more difficult to obtain than just a simple majority. And if, as many people believe, the balance of power within the Legislature shifts this November toward gridlock, the situation would be very similar to what has happened at the Federal level. Even if the public outcry reached such a level that the Alabama Legislature decided to try and undo some of the damage done to education and to our children, say for example by Common Core, they would be powerless to do so because everything they attempted would be classed as an un-funded mandate and require a two-thirds vote. The Legislature would be hamstrung and Superintendent Bice who already functions as Alabama's self- appointed “Czar of Education” for Obama and the Feds would operate without restraint of the Legislature or control of the citizens of Alabama.

Amendment #1
the “foreign law bill” (The GOOD) This is, in my opinion, a straight forward and honest Amendment that says what it means. The authors of this Amendment told me that they felt it was necessary because increasingly over the years there has been more and more pressure from foreign entities such as the United Nations, foreign governments, and some organized religions (which combine both religion and “law” within the tenets of their religion), to force their laws and beliefs upon American citizens. Amendment #1 is designed to protect Alabama citizens from such intrusions by foreign entities. The “Fair Ballot Commission Statement” clearly defines the purpose of the Amendment when it states, “If passed, Alabama will have in place a Constitutional provision that says Alabama citizens will not be subject to foreign law if application of the foreign law would violate Alabama law or result in violation of their rights.” Please vote YES on Amendment #1

Amendment #2
the “armory amendment”- (The BAD) My opinion: do I think that the National Guard Armories need maintainance and repair? Yes. Do I strongly support our troups? Yes. But in talking to those in the Guard and those knowledgable about it, I find that they need money for saleries, equipment and training far more than they need money for construction of Armories. This bill would do nothing to help with those issues. Another big concern to me is the source of the funding- the raid on the ATF (the Alabama Trust Fund) which serves as Alabama's emergency savings account. The Alabama Trust Fund is intended to only be used to cover dire shortfalls in revenue in some critical area. In my mind this does NOT reach that standard. On the Alabama Legislative website-The “Fair Ballot Summary” also states, “Amendment 2 will have no direct impact on taxes, but would redirect the distribution of income from the ATF... which could reduce interest income to the State General Fund and local governments.” True, there may be no direct affect on taxes but there certainly will be an in-direct affect. When local governments lose income from these “re-directed funds” what do you think they will do? They will be greatly tempted to increase local taxes to make up the shortfall. Is this really the best way to help our Guardsmen and our citizens? I don't think so. We recommend a NO vote on Amendment #2

Amendments #3 and #5-
the “gun rights, hunting and fishing amendments”- One would think that in a highly conservative, gun loving, hunting and fishing friendly state like Alabama nearly everybody would be in favor of these “feel good” Amendments-but not so. Distrust of government runs so deep here now that bills like these come under suspicion. “We already have these rights protected in both the US and the Alabama Constitutions,” folks keep telling me. “If it ain't broke- don't fix it,” I keep hearing. The fear among many I spoke with is that when you pass any new legislation, as opposed to legislation that has already stood the test of time by litigation, you open up the possibility of a challenge in court and some liberal judge actually taking away the very rights that you were trying to protect. They say, “So you had better be certain that it is worth that risk when you vote to change the Constitution.” A No vote means things stay the same. We are divided on these two-You decide for yourself if it is worth the risk.

Thanks to the Alabama Citizens Alliance for above info.

Amendment 3 - Right to Keep and Bear Arms - More Information

Alabama voters will have a chance in November to decide if they think owning a firearm is a fundamental right.
The proposal, sponsored by Rep. Mike Jones, R-Andalusia, will show up as a Constitutional Amendment on the November general election ballot. The proposed amendment would spell out that "every citizen has a fundamental right to bear arms and that any restriction on this right would be subject to strict scrutiny." That phrase – "strict scrutiny" – is critical, the AP reports. It would require the highest level of judicial review before it could be changed and would mandate that any limits be the least restrictive possible.
Voters in Louisiana and Missouri have already approved the additional of similar language to their respective constitutions. The amendment, which has received strong support from the National Rifle Association, wouldn't trump federal laws on gun ownership but would stipulate that no international treaty of law would interfere with an Alabamian's right to bear arms. Jones said the amendment would give Alabamians protection against an over-reaching federal government.
"Given the course that the federal government is taking, it is imperative that we protect our God-given right to defend our families, our homes, and ourselves," he said. "If the federal government won't protect our right to keep and bear arms, we're prepared to do it at the state level."

Do we need a new Alabama state constitution? What are the arguments for reform? Alabama Constitution Reform

See list of over 50 Alabama local and state wide candidates - Our most popular page: Alabama Conservative Candidate Endorsements

LOCAL ALABAMA AMENDMENTS 5 MORE - Voted on by 5 Local Counties

Local Alabama Constitution Amendments 2014

List of Alabama Constitution Amendments

The recommend list of Constitution Amendments and 2014 recommendations. In the past, election voters had usually voted NO to proposed amendments. In the recent election of 2012, ten of eleven passed, a new trend under a Republican Legislature.
Alabama Constitution Amendments 2014
Alabama Constitutional Amendments November 2014

Voter Changes to Alabama Constitution

Note that on November 4, Voters to pass state wide Amendments.

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Additional Information found at http://ccofal.org/alabama/alabama-constitution.phtml

5 More LOCAL ALA AMENDMENTS - Voted on in 5 Local Counties. See local list at
Local Alabama Constitution Amendments 2014

Alabama Constitutional Amendment 6 - to Opt out of Obama Care
Affordable Health Care Act - YES Vote is Anti Obama Vote

Alabama Health Care Constitution Amendment Obama Opt Out
Alabama Constitution Health Care Amendment - Obama Care Opt Out

Voters in Alabama, Arizona, Missouri, Montana and Arizona will be asked to vote on language challenging or opting out of mandatory insurance reforms as outlined in the Obama Affordable Care Act, including the individual- or employer-mandated coverage.

Alabama voters to have their say on a proposed constitutional amendment that would prohibit the new federal health care plan from being enforced in Alabama.
The bill by Rep. Blaine Galliher, R-Gadsden l It goes to voters in a statewide referendum in the next general election in November 2012,
It's important for us to understand that although what we're doing today, I think, is symbolic, when you look at the Obama federal health care bill there are portions in the bill that in my mind are going to send health care costs in the state skyrocketing, he said. The general attitude of Alabamians is they do not want this intrusion from the federal government," he added. Galliher said officials from Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the largest health insurer in Alabama, have told him the federal plan would increase its costs by $58 million in 2014, and those costs would be passed on to consumers. Approval of the bill would lend support, Galliher said, to Attorney General Luther Strange's lawsuit opposing the federal plan.

Forever Wild Constitution Alabama - Amendment

Alabama Constitutional Reform and Convention
Alabama Constitution Reform Amendment July 15

Constitutional reform and a constitutional convention is being pushed by the liberal establishment. 1. Why should the Forever Wild Program be given a pass and not be closely looked at from a monetary prospective, when all other state agencies are under intense pressure to cut back and lay off employees?
How will this effect Shelby County? 2. When many Alabama departments need money, should they face budget cuts, while this amendment will give more money to Forever Wild and conservation and therefore less money for highways, education, and other needs and projects? More information at:
Alabama Forever Wild Constitution Amendment
Alabama Forever Wild concerns http://www.keepourrights.org/gone%20forever%20wild.pdf
forever wild yard signs and bumper stickers July 15 for reform and a convention.

Calendar Magnets - Measure the Days

cheap Calendar Magnets Prices A calendar is a system of organizing units of time for the purpose of reckoning time over extended periods. By convention, the day is the smallest calendrical unit of time; the measurement of fractions of a day is classified as timekeeping. The generality of this definition is due to the diversity of methods that have been used in creating calendars. Although some calendars replicate astronomical cycles according to fixed rules, others are based on abstract, perpetually repeating cycles of no astronomical significance. Some calendars are regulated by astronomical observations, some carefully and redundantly enumerate every unit, and some contain ambiguities and discontinuities. Some calendars are codified in written laws; others are transmitted by oral tradition.Magnetic calendars cheap

The common theme of calendar making is the desire to organize units of time to satisfy the needs and preoccupations of society. In addition to serving practical purposes, the process of organization provides a sense, however illusory, of understanding and controlling time itself. Thus calendars serve as a link between mankind and the cosmos. It is little wonder that calendars have held a sacred status and have served as a source of social order and cultural identity. Calendars have provided the basis for planning agricultural, hunting, and migration cycles, for divination and prognostication, and for maintaining cycles of religious and civil events. Whatever their scientific sophistication, calendars must ultimately be judged as social contracts, not as scientific treatises. Calendar Magnetic for Real Estate Cheap It was earlier interpretations of other Mayan calendars that gave rise to the Internet-fueled doomsday scenarios of the past few years — mostly because one calendar cycle the Mayans computed ends Dec. 12 (though no one paid much attention to the fact that another one was supposed to begin immediately after that). If people can stay focused on the science this time though, they'll find a lot to be impressed by in the new findings.

Tea Party Groups and ALFA leading the charge against the Forever Wild Amendment 1

Alfa made a stand in the Alabama House to prevent Forever Wild from gaining approval for another 20-year renewal period. The land-buying program was set to expire on Oct. 1, 2012, and still faces a renewal test in the state Senate, where Alfa lobbyists are waiting patiently. This will be the first real test of the new GOP strong Senate to see if lobbyists still control that body as it did when Democrats were in power.

The act of outlawing the magnet c calendar the Creator established at Creation is a deed of such heaven-daring defiance that it is held up in scripture as one of the most treasonous acts against the government of Heaven. The Bible reveals that Lucifer's stated goal to establish his own times of worship was one of the main areas in which he wanted to be like the Most High. (See, When to Worship | The Battle for Your Soul!) This right is also claimed by the little horn power of Daniel seven: "He shall insult the Most High, he shall torment/wear out the holy ones of the Most High, and he shall attempt to change the calendar and the ordinance" Daniel 7:25, Knox' translation. The Roman Catholic Church is very open that she is solely responsible for changing the Sabbath to Sunday; a day which bears no divine credentials whatsoever. In a series of articles, published in The Catholic Mirror, the office of Cardinal Gibbons made a compelling case against the inconsistency of Sunday-keeping Protestants. In the following passage, the Catholic Church is adamant that she is responsible for this change:

Local Alabama Constitution Amendments 2012

See list of local Alabama constitutional amendments, and recommendations
Alabama voters will decide on several constitutional amendments for the November election. with above being voted on by that county.

Constitution, Defend The Alabama

Alabama Eagle Forum produces Fact Sheet, provider in depth info and reasons to Vote NO on Sept 18
Alabama Eagle Forum Medicaid Amendment of Sept 18

Conservative Vs. Liberal

YES from LIBERAL Democrat groups, NAACP, welfare advocates, Alabama Arise known for pushing the liberal Obama agenda, hospital and medical groups are actively supporting the Alabama Medicaid Amendment for Sept 18, 2012.

Vote NO from Conservatives. A N0 vote is recommended by Ala Tea Party groups from all over the state, from Conservative Christians of Alabama, from Ala Eagle Forum, and 60 other conservative groups across the state. See more Alabama groups on above link.
Medicaid is simply Socialism. Alabama conservatives by voting NO to the Alabama Constitution Amendment Election to be held on September 18, 2012. Additional information at http://ccofal.org/alabama/alabama-constitution.phtml

Medicaid fraud costs Alabama taxpayers hundreds of millions

Cutting Welfare Fraud
Medicaid fraud costs Alabama taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars each year. In 2010, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) estimated that the national improper payment rate for Medicaid was 9.4%. The total net payments made for Medicaid in Alabama in 2011 were $5,234,351,464. Using the 9.4% estimate by HHS, Alabama had approximately $492,029,037.61 in Medicaid fraud in 2011 alone. As a taxpayer, I am outraged at the amount of fraudulent money paid to Medicaid beneficiaries and providers in Alabama. This is a blatant abuse of hard-earned tax dollars. Moreover, the dollar amount of Medicaid fraud in Alabama is significantly greater than the $437 million that the statewide constitutional amendment plans to transfer from the Alabama Trust Fund to the Alabama General Fund. This leads to the next question. Why don't we address the fraud in Medicaid before we take money from the ATF? This is a HUGE red flag.
What are practical solutions to the General Fund crisis?
1. Crackdown on Medicaid fraud in Alabama. In FY 2010, the Alabama Medicaid Agency reviewed 48 medical providers and 424 pharmacies, and they recovered $1.3 million in Medicaid fraud. This action led to a cost savings of $8.1 million. Also, the Alabama Medicaid Agency suspended 132 Medicaid beneficiaries for abuse and locked 840 Medicaid recipients into one doctor and pharmacy to prevent potential abuse. Medicaid fraud cases are referred to the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit within the Office of the Alabama Attorney General (AG). In fiscal year 2010, the AG's office handled 32 civil and seven criminal cases regarding Medicaid fraud in Alabama. These cases resulted in the return of $5,238,079 to the Alabama Medicaid Agency. The Alabama Medicaid Agency and the Office of the Alabama Attorney General are cracking down on Medicaid fraud, but it is not enough. With estimates of nearly $500 million in Medicaid fraud in a given year in Alabama, the Medicaid Agency and the AG's office need to step up their investigation and prosecution of Medicaid fraud. The hard-earned dollars of Alabama taxpayers should NOT fund Medicaid fraud anywhere in the state.

Alabama Conservative Candidates 2012 November Election Recommendations For a list of recommended conservative candidates in Alabama for 2012, state wide and local, visit:
Alabama American Conservative

Even some Democrats get a conservative recommendation, to include one state wide Alabama Democrat. Click above to see.

What people tell me is that it's time for the politicians to live within their means. Fiscal discipline is the order of the day, especially as we face uncertain economic times ahead. The days of a flush state treasury may well be behind us and not return for some time. State officials tell us tax revenues are declining and we may well be facing proration.

Please write your local newspapers and tell them your stand on this issue that affects everyone in Alabama.

Ten Commandments Information

Ten Commandments Information
Ten Commandments Meaning

Spanish Ten Commandments in the Bible Diez Mandamientos En Espanol
Participate in returning America back to our traditional values. Ten Commandments
Participate in returning America back to our traditional values.

Ten Commandments Information
Ten Commandments Restoration Act
Ten Commandments Law
Sabbath Commandment
The Ten Commandments
Ten Commandments Meaning

Bill Pryor & The Ten Commandments

Gun Control Debate

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