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Alabama Constitutional Amendments, November 8, 2016

Conservative recommendations for the amendments:

Amendment 1 - NO

Amendment 2 - NO

Amendment 3 - Yes

Amendment 4 - Yes

Amendment 5 - Yes

Amendment 6 – NO - Makes it harder for corrupt politicians like Gov. Bentley to be impeached.

Amendment 7 – Yes

Amendment 8 – Yes - Makes Right to Work part of the Constitution in addition to being a statute.

Amendment 9 – NO

Amendment 10 – NO

Amendment 11 – NO - gives cities huge eminent domain power to benefit business and destroys property rights.

Amendment 12 – Yes

Amendment 13 – Yes

Amendment 14 – Yes

Madison County Local Amendment 1 - Yes

Read our detailed guide to the constitutional amendments for more information.

Alabama Constitutional Amendments March 1, 2016

YES on Amendment One. It is poorly worded. It does not provide a pension. It replaces an already-existing pension that the officials are not required to pay into with one that they do pay into.

Shelby County

Vote NO to Sunday liquor sales.

Alabama Amendment on the Ballot Voter Election Recommendations - Local Amendments

Alabama Constitution
Alabama Constitutional Election - Local Amendments
Vote State Wide to changes to Alabama Constitution - See Local Amendments Below

Cullman County - Vote NO
Relating to Cullman County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to phase out the supernumerary system for certain public officials and allow elected or appointed county officials including the sheriff to participate in the Employees' Retirement System. (Proposed by Act 2014-84)

Escambia County - Vote YES Relating to Escambia County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to authorize the trustees of the Escambia County Oil and Gas Severance Trust to loan funds to Escambia County specifically for economic development and for roads and bridges and other capital projects in the county and to authorize other investments as otherwise provided for by local law. (Proposed by Act 2013-259

Franklin County - Vote YES
Relating to Franklin County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to allow the Franklin County Water Coordinating and Fire Prevention Authority to provide sewer services and broadband Internet services in the county. (Proposed by Acts 2014-283 and 2014-285

( ) Shelby County - Vote NO
Relating to Shelby County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to provide that the Judge of Probate of Shelby County would be required to be an attorney licensed in this state. (Proposed by Act 2013-260)

Elmore County - Vote NO
Vote NO on proposed referendum, to allow more government regulations to regulate our private property. Authorizes fines for those citizens who do not comply with government demands.

Alabama Amendments on State Wide Ballot

Vote on Ala Constitutional Amendments

YES - Amendment 1 - Statewide Amendment 1
*YES - Amendment 1 - Statewide Amendment 1 - Vote YES, prohibits foreign law from being applied.
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to prohibit the State of Alabama from giving full faith and credit to public acts, records, or judicial proceedings of another state that violate the public policy of the State of Alabama and to prohibit the application of foreign law in violation of rights guaranteed natural citizens by the United States and Alabama Constitutions, and the statutes, laws, and public policy thereof, but without application to business entities. (Proposed by Act 2013-269) Yes ( ) No ( )

NO - State wide Amendment 2 - Vote NO This will raid the rainy day funds, therefore putting pressure on our already strapped state budget. Also opposed by Association of County Commissions of Alabama, they say it would have a "devastating" effect on revenues that counties get from the Alabama Trust Fund. Conservative Christians of Ala, and Alabama Tea Party Express say Vote NO. *
Statewide Amendment 2
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended, relating to the Capital Improvement Trust Fund, to increase the amount of the General Obligation Bonds authorized herein; to provide for additional payments from the Alabama Trust Fund to fund any bond issued; to provide for competitive bidding of the bonds; and to provide for the distribution of the proceeds for plans, construction, and maintenance of Alabama National Guard armories. (Proposed by Act 2013-266) Yes ( ) No ( )

*YES - Statewide Amendment 3 - Vote YES - Endorsed by NRA Senator Scott Beason and tea party groups support Amendment 3, our right to keep and bear arms.*
Statewide Amendment 3
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to provide that every citizen has a fundamental right to bear arms and that any restriction on this right would be subject to strict scrutiny; and to provide that no international treaty or law shall prohibit, limit, or otherwise interfere with a citizen's fundamental right to bear arms. (Proposed by Act 2013-267)

*NO - Statewide Amendment 4 - VOTE NO Contains hidden taxes, provides new authorization for city and county school boards to raise taxes. This is a back door approach approach in raising taxes. While this amendment appears to do some good, concerning mandates, more taxes will be promoted and proposed by city and county school boards. Conservative Groups say Vote NO. says Alliance for Citizens Rights, Alabama Tea Party Express, Conservative Christians of Alabama all say Vote NO
Statewide Amendment 4 - VOTE NO
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to prohibit a general law, whose purpose or effect is to require a new or increased expenditure of at least $50,000 of local funds annually, from becoming effective with regard to a city or county board of education without enactment by a 2/3 vote. (Proposed by Act 2014-185)

*YES - Statewide Amendment 5 - Endorsed by NRA
Protects our right to hunt and fish. This is needed due to Federal over reach and EPA regulations. * Statewide Amendment 5 - Vote YES Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to amend Amendment 597, now appearing as Section 36.02 of the Official Recompilation of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended, to clarify that the people have the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife subject to reasonable regulations that promote conservation and management of fish and wildlife and preserve the future of hunting and fishing. (Proposed by Act 2014-286)

Conservatives and tea party groups across the state are pushing for a No Vote on Amends 2 and 4. Luther Strange - Special Thanks to our Attorney General for his diligent upholding of our Constitution and our traditional conservative values, and service.

Liberal Recommendations Ballot Constitution Amendments of Al

Conservative validation. Note that Alabama's leading liberal newspaper, Montgomery Advertiser has the exact opposite recommendation to the conservative recommendations above. Liberals will be following their leader, the Montgomery Advertiser.

See detailed information on all State Wide Amendments at:
Alabama Constitution Amendments November, 2014

The Alabama Forever Wild Program - Amendment to Alabama Constitution 2012

(1) What part of "ALABAMA IS BROKE" do these Legislators not understand? Especially in these times of economic crisis, when we do not have money to waste, we need and want smaller, more efficient and less intrusive government. Have these politicians already forgotten their campaign promises and why we elected them?

(2) Forever Wild is already funded through October 2012. (So, what is the rush?) Why are the supporters of Forever Wild pushing so hard to fund it early? Who is profiting from this program and what are we NOT being told?

(3) If the Legislature does nothing, Forever Wild will still get nearly four million dollars a year, (two and a half percent of all future incoming trust fund money) for so-called stewardship (maintenance) expenses. Therefore, none of their presently owned property is in jeopardy. Or if they choose to use that money at a later date to purchase additional land instead of for maintenance - that much money will buy 1875 acres of new land, (at an average cost of two thousand dollars per acre), every single year thereafter. Or, as in the case of the "Walls of Jericho," where the average cost was 750 dollars per acre, this would amount to 5,333 acres of new land every year. That is a tract eight miles wide by one mile deep.

(4) Just how much of the state do these folks want to take? When is enough - enough?

(5) We must also consider the impact of Forever Wild purchases on our local and our state government's tax bases and its negative effects on the taxpayers. Remember none of these Forever Wild properties pay taxes. Therefore, every acre placed under their control is removed from the tax rolls. This means that the remaining property owners must pay higher taxes to make up the short fall or local services and needed government functions such as police and fire protection must be curtailed.

(6) "At a time when, according to Gov. Bentley, the state is cutting funding for (1) state parks, which are already open and easily accessible to all our citizens and which by the way, bring in much needed tourist dollars, (2) forest protection which would keep these state parks, private property and Forever Wild lands from burning down, and (3) other public property which all taxpayers can presently enjoy, why is Forever Wild so important that you would defund these programs which benefit everyone and fund Forever Wild for the use of a few?

(7) In 1992 when Alabama voters approved this program, they did so with the understanding that Forever Wild was a twenty year program that would be thoroughly re-evaluated at the end of the twenty years; otherwise, the money would revert to the Alabama Trust Fund.
This is the exact wording of the Forever Wild Amendment as stated on the 1992 ballot: "providing that, after the state's 2011-12 fiscal year revenues directed to said land trust shall be paid to the Alabama Trust Fund, with the exception of 2.5% of such revenues needed to continue funding of the stewardship account or as provided by the Legislature," (Money to purchase additional land was to terminate in 2012 unless the re-evaluation was done.) Why has this re-evaluation not been done? And why is this re-authorization being pushed through over a year early?

(8) By the way, you don't need to worry about hunters being endangered either. There are thousands (I have seen estimates of between five and six thousand) private hunting clubs who lease hunting rights on private property in Alabama, plus untold thousands of farmers and ranchers who actually hunt on their own land. These folks don't depend on the taxpayers to furnish them with a place to hunt. Imagine that! Does Alabama really need to start a welfare program for hunters? What is next, are we going to buy them guns, ammo and four-wheelers at taxpayer's expense too?

(9) Since Forever Wild stated in its answer to Senator Sanford concerning "mineral rights" that, Quote:" No mineral rights were acquired in many of the Forever Wild acquisitions." Then who owns the mineral rights under Forever Wild properties? Did the previous owners have a "sweet-heart deal" where they kept the mineral rights or timber rights or has Forever Wild just sold them? (What is to prevent the rightful owners of the mineral rights from strip mining Forever Wild property for coal, drilling for oil or natural gas, removing subsoil deposits containing chirt, or blasting and crushing granite formations for road building or construction materials? How can Forever Wild possibly claim to be preserving land for future generations when they do not hold the mineral rights? Anyone should understand that, so why have the mineral rights not been purchased by Forever Wild on these tracts?

(10) It appears that properties and easements owned or controlled by the Forever Wild trust are being used as collateral for bond sales and are also being listed as assets by the state of Alabama to improve their bond rating. Why would they mortgage property supposedly preserved for future generations? Why does the Forever Wild trust have a DUN and BRAD STREET ACCOUNT?

(11) In regard to another answer provided to Senator Sanford, it was stated that Forever Wild had provided 224 miles of new trails to Alabama. But they also stated that only 30 miles of trail were associated with hiking/backpacking. If this other 194 miles of trail is not even suitable for humans to walk on, then what are they used for? For people who claim that their land is open to the public this seems like a very small amount of hiking trails. Why are we being misled about public assess?

(12) Recently an individual, who is known to be a hard core environmentalist, passionately discussed with one of our State Senators his desire that Forever Wild re-introduce Buffalo and elk to Alabama. Alabama livestock producers should be VERY concerned about this. Buffalo and elk carry Brucellosis. In states like Montana diseases carried by bison have destroyed their disease free status and greatly harmed local agriculture, so why would the trustees of Forever Wild want to do something so destructive to Alabama's livestock industry?

Information on Alabama Amendments - Previous Voter Ballot Elections

Election of September 18, 2012 -
Or Do We need to be serious about reforming the Ala Budget, living within our means, and adjusting Ala Budget to live within our means? To kick the can down the road and raid the Ala Trust Fund is irresponsible.
If we cut Government Spending, this results in reductions of Government Bureaucracy and Regulation of our Lives.
The Alabama Eagle Forum has put together an excellent paper on pros and cons of this Constitutional Amendment Election of Sept 18, 2012. See their info paper, as well as other additional info pro and con at: http://ccofal.org/alabama/alabama-constitution.phtml
If the Ala Medicaid Amendment is defeated, what are the options?

See though explanation ways to cut fraud and waste in Alabama Spending at: http://theattackmachine.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/vote-no-on-september-18-statewide-constitutional-amendment/
47 against to 1 for, was the vote of the Morgan County Republican Mens Breakfast in Decatur on Saturday Sept 8.
132 against to 22 for, was the vote of the Huntsville/Madison County Republican Mens Breakfast on Saturday Sept 15. Conclusion: Conservatives Say NO to the Ala Medicaid Amendment and No to raiding the Alabama Trust Fund.

Existing taxes and revenues will not fully fund the budget passed by the Alabama Legislature. So to support the bloated budget, do we raid the Alabama Trust Fund to continue the high level of funding for AEA government education programs, and the Ala Medicaid, a medical services program for those on Welfare?

State Republican Official - Vote NO - Save Alabama Trust Fund

It is with great regret that I stand in opposition to a Governor I worked to elect, and members of the Legislature who are trying to bring positive change to state government. However, the inability of our leaders to pass a balanced budget, except by a constitutional amendment that would take $437 million out of our state’s Trust Fund, is hardly a good reason for the people of Alabama to take nearly 20% of the Trust Fund to avoid an 8% cut in the General Fund. We are told if we don’t pass this amendment that the sky will really fall, hospitals will close, prisoners will be released, and nursing homes will close and kick grandma to the street. It sounds a little bit like Democrats saying Paul Ryan wanted to push his own mother over a cliff with his modest reforms to federal budgets. All this over a possible $143 million cut to a $1.67 Billion budget. Nobody thinks making additional cuts will be easy, but there are short and long term options to fix the mess. We elected new leadership to find solutions to the budgeting fiasco,not kick the can down the road by taking more money from the Trust Fund. We want Republicans in Montgomery to address the problems head-on, not dip in to the Trust Funds like Democrats did twice before them. Among reasons not to approve this Amendment includes the fact that there is no provision to repay this money and that we haven’t yet repaid the nearly half-billion already borrowed out of the Trust Fund in prior years. Secondly, the Trust Fund earnings have been used and were intended to supplement operating budgets at the state and local level. The more money we have taken out of the fund, the smaller the earnings potential has been. This amendment will fundamentally alter the future earnings that will be generated for operations by diverting a larger share of existing royalties away from the Trust Fund principal. We also just took nearly $300 million out of the Trust Fund by using an accounting gimmick, so if this proposed amendment passes we will have taken over$700 million out of the corpus over a two year period with no provision to repay it. As a CPA, I find this amount staggering,especially from an Administration and leadership that promised real financial accountability. Over the short-term, we can use unspent or future tobacco/oil spill settlements, sell unused state assets,eliminate unnecessary programs, and sell the ABC Board. Why is the State in the “liquor business” anyway, which is something the  Governor said we didn’t need to be involved with. For that matter, we could sell  Alabama Public TV, as if that is really needed in   today’s world of nearly unlimited cable, satellite, Netflix, etc.  Over the long-term, we can reform Medicaid and save nearly $50million  per year, consolidate and eliminate overlapping taxes and  regulations, and save up to $90 million per year offering early retirements.  The fact is the Governor can propose changes in the next session of  the legislature after voters reject this amendment, to make needed  reforms and structural changes that will get us out of this mess without raising taxes.

All over the country, from Wisconsin and New Jersey, to Indiana, we  have seen Republicans lead and make real changes to improve the  financial health of their states without raising taxes. We shouldn’t pass a budget  contingent upon taking 20% out of our Alabama Trust Fund. By voting NO on September 18, the sky will not fall, the Governor and the Legislature can get together and make short-term changes to get us through next year (like the Governor originally wanted to do). Then, we can start getting the State out of things it has no business being involved with, offering buy outs to long-time employees, consolidating programs and acting more like taxpayers and small businesses that have had to make changes in how they operate over the past few years. No more “sugarhighs” from Obama Stimulus, no more “accounting gimmicks”, and no more “kicking the can down the road” by taking more money out of our Trust Fund. Believe me, I have looked at the state budgets, have experienced its inefficiency, and seen some of its waste first-hand. We can Save the Trust and Balance the Budget. It starts with a NO vote on September 18! Join the Alabama Forestry Association, Tea Party members, Eagle Forum and fiscal conservatives all over the state and “Don’t Break the Trust”.

NO say the Conservatives of Alabama - on Tuesday September 18. More Data and Info, pros and cons on this election at http://alabamadefenders.us/ Forward to your Friends.  A competitive election and low turnout, means your vote counts more.  Forward and encourage your friends to vote this Tuesday.

Alabama Amendments to Constitution on Ballot Election November 2010 (Old)

Alabama Constitutional Amendments - Recommendations from conservative on the ballot in November.

This Tuesday, Alabama voters will decide on six constitutional amendments. Also, a local amendment for Jefferson County will be on the ballot. We recommends the following on the amendments:

What people tell me is that it's time for the politicians to live within their means. Fiscal discipline is the order of the day, especially as we face uncertain economic times ahead. The days of a flush state treasury may well be behind us and not return for some time. State officials tell us tax revenues are declining and we may well be facing proration in 2009, setting up a massive raid on the trust fund, IF voters approve Amendment One this November.

Alabama Ballot Measure / Referendum Statewide Amendment Number Two

Description: Relating to Shelby County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, establishing the Shelby County Judicial Commission and providing for the filling of vacancies in the offices of circuit and district judge of the 18th Judicial Circuit. (Proposed by Act 2007-225)

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