Attorney General, Bill Pryor, Confuses Gambling Issue

In August of this year a ruling by Judge Wayne Thorn declared video poker games to be illegal and his ruling resulted in the shut-down of these machines across the state. Local district attorneys and sheriffs did their duty and shut down thousands of gambling video poker machines across the state.

Unfortunately Attorney General Bill Pryor reversed all that when he issued an advisory opinion that stated that these same machines were legal under Alabama law. He also said that seizure of these machines by law enforcement officials could be "risky." The consequence of Bill Pryor's actions was that the video gamblers reopened for business. Pryor's ruling was based on his opinion that video poker is a game of skill. This is contrary to the situation in most other states, which have viewed these machines as illegal gambling devices pure and simple.

Meanwhile in Jefferson County the head of the vice squad said that he will still investigate complaints, but if they are operating [within the law] they won't hear from us." He did say, however, that he would confiscate any machines in use where players are paid in cash.

Confusion is rampant. Roger Brown, Chief Deputy District Attorney in Jefferson County said that he disagrees with "the Attorney General's interpretation of the law." Randall Houston, District Attorney for Elmore, Autauga, and Chilton counties believes that Pryor's ruling applies only to Montgomery County. "We're not going to let [the gambling machines] back in here," he said.

The dispute centers around a document filed by the state in a Montgomery court case where Pryor is challenging the constitutionality of the law that allowed the arcades in the first place. The act, known as the "Chuck E. Cheese Law," cleared the way for businesses to have machines that awarded prizes in games of skill. The supposed intent was to let kids win trinkets at pizza restaurants like Chuck E. Cheese.

But arcades that cater to adults by awarding gift certificates sprung up across the state, prompting a legal fight over the law. In the Montgomery lawsuit, Pryor's office filed a document admitting that adult arcade machines in that case involve skill -- making them legal under the Chuck E. Cheese law.

Alabama conservatives are confused about Bill Pryor's actions. The Attorney General says that he is against gambling, but his actions opened wide the door for video poker gambling. Conservatives were confused about the Bill Pryor's ruling on Don Siegelman's "No Lottery" legislation. In 1999, Bill Pryor issue an opinion that the Lottery legislation would not legalize casino gambling. Don Siegelman went all over the state quoting the Attorney General. Meanwhile the anti-lottery forces were putting up billboards says "Lottery equals Casino Gambling" The anti-lottery forces pointed out that the Lottery Amendment to the Alabama Constitution while not legalizing gambling, would eliminate the constitutional prohibition against gambling. This would allow the Alabama Legislature to pass laws to allow or legalize gambling. This is exactly what happened when Mississippi voters legalized the lottery, and then casino gambling legislation was passed. Both Don Siegelman and Bill Pryor over looked that fact. But the anti-lottery forces and the Alabama voters did not.

While we are confused by Attorney Generals actions and statements, it is clear that for the time being, the video poker gambling interests are in operation and are winning. Perhaps the Attorney General could clarify his position by prosecuting the many wide open video poker gambling operations where cash prizes are awarded. The Attorney General could prove his conservative values by prosecuting gambling in general and especially the many situations of corruption of the Siegelman Administration.


AG's position creates confusion over status of adult arcades

The Associated Press

8/30/01 2:54 PM

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) -- Shut down nearly two months, Barry Kelly has reopened his adult video game arcade, saying it's all thanks to Attorney General Bill Pryor, an arcade opponent. Kelly and other arcade owners have latched on to a court document filed by Pryor's office as proof their embattled industry is legal in Alabama.

Even though Pryor is trying to close arcades statewide, Kelly said an admission made by Pryor's staff in a lawsuit allows arcades to reopen just weeks after many closed amid threats of prosecution. Kelly was bringing gaming machines back into his M.T. Arcade on Wednesday, and he said other owners are getting ready to reopen, too. "An attorney general's opinion said the machines are legal under Alabama law," said Kelly.

Pryor denied doing anything to help arcade owners, and he blamed "deceptive lawyering" for claims his office opened the door for them going back in business. "I don't think that there's any basis for them reopening," Pryor said in an interview.

The dispute centers around a document filed by the state in a Montgomery court case where Pryor is challenging the constitutionality of the law that allowed the arcades in the first place. The act, known as the "Chuck E. Cheese Law," cleared the way for businesses to have machines that awarded prizes in games of skill. The supposed intent was to let kids win trinkets at pizza restaurants like Chuck E. Cheese.

But arcades that cater to adults by awarding gift certificates sprung up across the state, prompting a legal fight over the law. In the Montgomery lawsuit, Pryor's office filed a document admitting that adult arcade machines in that case involve skill -- making them legal under the Chuck E. Cheese law. Still, Pryor argued, the law is unconstitutional and the machines should be banned as illegal gambling devices. "That was the sole intent of what we did," he said.

But a Pryor aide also wrote a letter a week ago stating that seizure of arcade machines can be "risky" until the law is clarified, and the Alabama Sheriff's Association held a news conference Monday expressing the same opinion. All that was enough for Kelly to get back into business in Jefferson County, where the sheriff had threatened blanket confiscation of the machines. The head of the Jefferson County vice squad, Lt. Dennis Blanton, said officers will still investigate complaints against arcades and confiscate any machines where players are paid in cash. "But if they open a business up and are operating (within the law) they won't hear from us," Blanton said.

A Birmingham prosecutor said confusion was created by Pryor's position that even some of the arcade machines involve skill. "I respectfully but very strongly disagree with the attorney general's interpretation of the law," said Roger Brown, chief deputy district attorney in Jefferson County, where a judge has ruled adult arcade machines are illegal gambling devices that don't involve skill. Another prosecutor said Pryor's position only applies in the Montgomery County lawsuit, and he vowed to prosecute anyone who tries to reopen an arcade in his circuit. "We're not going to let them back in here," said Randall Houston, district attorney for Elmore, Autauga and Chilton counties.


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Mike Huckabee, Governor of Arkansas
Known as a conservative Christian. He has been blindly supporting George Bush on the war and on illegal immigration, which apparently has cost him support.
Mike Huckabee supports importing farm workers from Mexico. Huckabee sponsored a resolution at the Southern Governors':
Implement a farm labor system, based on the agreement between Canada and Mexico, which will provide an orderly, efficient way to import farm workers.
Huckabee wants those already in the United States illegally to go through a process that provides opportunity but also contains some sort of penalty for illegal activity: His religious analogy is that "one needs to confess his sin, repent, and make restitution." He said he supports something like the guest worker system President Bush has proposed,

The anti-tax CATO Institute gave Huckabee an "F" for spending and tax policy in 2006. But another free enterprise think tank, the Club for Growth, also dinged him as a "tax hiker" for, among other things, raising gas taxes. Governor Huckabee raised taxes at high levels to support public schools.

Tax Hike Mike - Mike Huckabee's record of raising taxes.
Video: Ending The IRS: Mike Huckabee vs. Ron Paul

Huckabee: The Biggest Big-Government Conservative

Governor Huckabee - Big Supporter of Public Schools and Tax Increases
Huckabee Raised Taxes Over His Tenure As Governor, Hurting the Middle-Class. Governor Huckabee pushed for a sales tax increase in 1996, 2002 and 2004, and a fuel tax in 1999 squeezing the pockets of middle-class citizens on everyday purchases and for workers who needed to drive to and from work. Huckabee also made it clear he opposed sales tax exemption bills because they would hurt his tight state budget. A conservative fiscal group pointed out that "by the end of his ten-year tenure, Governor Huckabee was responsible for a 37% higher sales tax in Arkansas, 16% higher motor fuel taxes." [Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 1/19/06; The Commercial Appeal, 7/1/99, The Associated Press, 4/2/99; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 11/15/02, The Associated Press, 11/15/02; AP, 2/6/04; Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 1/19/06; Club for Growth, Presidential White Paper #1] Huckabee Liberal on Taxes

Sends his kids to public school; says other officials should
While many elected officials pontificate proudly about their deep interest in and commitment to public education, so many put their own children in private schools. If the public schools are so deserving of their (and our) support, why aren't they deserving of the ultimate support--having confidence enough in them for their own children to be educated there?

My three children were the first children of any Arkansas governor in at least 50 years who spent their first through senior high education entirely in the public schools of Arkansas. My wife and I are ourselves products of public schools. For us, there was no option as we grew up in families that could not have afforded a private school had one even existed in our hometown.

As governor, although the teachers' union in Arkansas never supported me (mainly because they have so long been controlled by the machinery of the Democratic Party), improving education in the public schools has understandably been a priority for me.

Source: From Hope to Higher Ground, by Mike Huckabee, p. 42-43 Jan 4, 2007
Mike Huckabee - Support Public Education

First priority: Raise teacher salaries
Our basic constitutional responsibility is to provide for free, equitable and adequate public education for students through the 12th grade. I would recommend that we set for ourselves the task of raising teacher salaries in this state by $3,000, recognizing that’s not enough and it’s not the finish line but it’s a good starting point. If we don’t raise those salaries at least by that kind of money, we are going to be further and further behind.
Source: State of the State address to the Arkansas legislature Jan 9, 2001

Christian conservatives generally say that Huckabee would be excellent on crucial issues such as marriage, abortion, and support for effective compassion both at home and in Africa. Huckabee has pastored 2 Southern Baptist Churches, and plays a guitar doing the loud Christian Rock Music in a Christian Rock Band.

"Pro-Life" Candidates should put up or shut up - how pro-life is Mike Huckabee?

Huckabee, the False Conservative

Huckabee - war for democracy - willing to unjustly attack any country in the name of democracy. The Constitution guarantees us a Republican form of government, not a democracy. Democracy always leads to mobocracy, and then to dictatorship.

Huckabee endorses No Child Left Behind. No Child Left Behind is harmful to home schoolers and Christian schools.

More Information about how Huckabee worked against the Christian and Home school movement.

Huckabee endorsed by liberal NEA - proof that Huckabee is a strong supporter of our failing public schools that indoctrinate our children with socialism and the homosexual agenda. Huckabee would be a disaster for the Christian and home school movement.

World Net Daily: the trouble with Mike Huckabee - Joseph Farah, editor of exposes the fact the Huckabee raised more taxes than Bill Clinton! Huckabee is also soft on illegal immigration and even says it is our duty to give benefits to illegal immigrants!

Documents Expose Huckabee's Role In Serial Rapist's Release
Former Aide Contradicts Huckabee Defense Of Rapist's Release

Huckabee issued vastly more clemencies than other states

Embarrassments dog Huckabee

Conservative columnist Devvy Kidd evaluates Huckabee

Phyllis Schlafly, conservatism's "first lady," had this to say about presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee: "He destroyed the conservative movement in Arkansas and left the Republican Party a shambles, yet some of the same evangelicals who sold us on George W. Bush as a 'compassionate conservative' are now trying to sell us on Huckabee."
Read more: Huck's for Huck Paul's for America

The Huckabee Hustle - "Huck would be a disaster - a disaster - on immigration. In fact, in 2006 he compared those who would crack down on illegals to antebellum slave masters."

huchabee you tube, huckaby, hucakbee, mike huckabee forums chuck noris, evolution, wayne dumond. -------------------------

Conservatives Against Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson "I don't think he's a Christian.", said James Dobson of the Focus on the Family Fred Thompson's Christianity questioned
Will Fred Thompson's supposed lack of faith hurt him at the polls?

Will Fred Thompson's supposed lack of faith hurt him at the polls?

Thompson doesn't fit the conservative mold perfectly. He has made statements in the past in support of abortion rights, and Christian conservatives backed his primary opponent when he first ran for Senate in 1994. Thompson also backed McCain's landmark campaign finance reform bill, which many conservatives vehemently oppose as it has been viewed as legislation to restrict or silence conservatives and Christians. And he has acknowledged having a spirited dating life between his first and second marriages.

Some prominent social conservatives have privately expressed skepticism about a Thompson candidacy, questioning whether he was an enthusiastic champion for their causes in the Senate. And influential evangelical leader James Dobson, in an interview with US News & World Report earlier this year, said he hadn't seen evidence of Thompson's faith, adding, "I don't think he's a Christian." Thompson doesn't fit the conservative mold perfectly.

James Dobson Officially Opposed to Fred Thompson

James Dobson:
"Isn't Thompson the candidate who is opposed to a Constitutional amendment to protect marriage, believes there should be 50 different definitions of marriage in the U.S., favors McCain-Feingold, won't talk at all about what he believes, and can't speak his way out of a paper bag on the campaign trail? He has no passion, no zeal, and no apparent 'want to.' And yet he is apparently the Great Hope that burns in the breasts of many conservative Christians? Well, not for me, my brothers. Not for me!"

McCain and Thompson are close -- Thompson helped lead McCain's 2000 presidential campaign, serving in a management role, and their Senate voting records have much in common. McCain, who fell short of fund-raising expectations in the first quarter of 2007, cannot afford to lose fund-raisers or potential donors, as John McCain and Fred Thompson may be competing for the same moderate Republicans. Thompson doesn't fit the conservative mold perfectly Part II

Prior to being elected to the Senate, Fred Thompson worked for the liberal National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Assn, and his job was to lobby Congress for the easing of abortion restrictions. Fred Thompson has made many "public pro-choice statements". Pro Choice Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson Anti-Gun, Anti-2nd Amendment

During Fred Thompson's time in the senate he wavered greatly on the gun control issue. Thompson is a true flip flopper on gun control. Sometimes voting pro-gun, but many times voting anti-gun. Fred Thompson cannot be trusted to respect and keep our 2nd Amendment rights. Read Gun Owners of America's assessment of Thompson's voting record:

Conservatives against MITT ROMNEY

Mitt Romney has an 8 year record of siding with the liberal pro gay agenda

Mitt Romney recently made this liberal comment about General Pace on gay rights: "I think General Pace has said that he regrets having said that, and I think he was wise to have issued an apology, or a withdrawal of that comment. I think that we, as a society, welcome people of all differences, whether there are differences in ethnicity, faith or sexual preference, and I think he was wise to correct his comment and to suggest that that was an inappropriate point to have made."

The Mitt Romney Report - documented evidence exposing Mitt Romney as liberal.

Tom Tancredo Tom Tancredo, Congressman from Colorado. Congressman Tancredo is known as a born again Christian, and does not hesitate to stand for the truth. One of the first Republican Congressman to stand against the liberalism of Karl Rowe and liberal White House policies of illegal immigration and other issues. Congressman Ton Tancredo has a solid conservative voting record. Tancredo on the Issues

Duncan Hunter Duncan Hunter. Congressman from California. Duncan Hunter is a man with a clear testimony of being a born again Christian and is admired for having a clear conscious. As chairman of a congressional military committee, he has a record of supporting the Bush War on Terror agenda. Congressman Hunter has stood up to the White House on illegal immigration.

John McCain the Liberal Republican Flip Flops on Gay Marriage

"I think that gay marriage should be allowed..." 11 minutes later: "I do not believe that gay marriages should be legal..."
See and hear for yourself at the link below:

(2) John McCain Does not like fundamental Christians. He says Jerry Falwell and Pat Roberson are ‘Agents of Intolerance’.

(3) Very informative site: "John McCain was at it again this week, trying to flip-flop his way into the hearts of conservatives everywhere. We, at The Real McCain, feel it is our duty to keep track for you:"

The Real McCain

Rudy Giuliani is so liberal on the gay issue, he should consider being a Democrat. You Tube Clip Click Here Rudy's New York Terrorism Click Here More Rudy problems Click Here

"We should be tolerant, fair, open, and we should understand the rights that all people have in our society." Click Here

Exposing Rudy Giuliani

On the issue of gay marriage, in 2005 McCain opposed a federal gay-marriage ban (Los Angeles Times, 1/25/ and 3/8). John McCain voted pro-gay on the traditional marriage amendment. McCain's pro gay record.
McCain's Liberal Record

Senator Sam Brownback takes liberal position and supports illegal immigration and amnesty.

In fact, Brownback broke ranks with his party to support passage of the liberal immigration Senate bill last Spring that was starkly different from the bill that came out of the Republican House. He supported the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act and was purportedly instrumental in getting the bill out of the judiciary committee. At the same time he was intent on moving public jargon away from calling it an "amnesty." Moderate Sam Brownback
Conservative Human Events Slams Sam Brownback
Senator Brownback is a strong conservative on pro life and moral issues. He has stongly backed the Bush Administration on the war and on illegal immigration. Because Senator Brownback is known as one of the Senate's strongest advocates of Amnesty and acceptance of illegal immigration, he has failed to gain the support of conservatives.

Donnie Kennedy, conservative candidate for President, gets the issues right, has wisdom on traditional marriage, Pro-Life, pro states rights, and stopping illegal immigration.

Man of understanding on illegal immigration, traditional marriage, and Pro-Life.

Help spread the word, refer this page to a friend, click here