Christmas Carol Kauffman was ahead of #MerryChristmasStarbucks by over 100 years

There is one lady that if she were living today would have been years ahead of the recent outburst against Starbucks for not having the words Merry Christmas on their Christmas coffee cups. A viral video suggested that Christians tell Starbucks that their name is Merry Christmas so that the employees would write it on the cups and call out Merry Christmas when their coffee is ready. For this lady whose name was Christmas Carol Kauffman, she would have been telling Starbucks to write Christmas on her coffee cup long before #MerryChristmasStarbucks went viral.

Starbucks Red Christmas Coffee Cups

Christmas Carol Kauffman was an author of Christian fiction who lived from 1901-1969. One of her more well known books was Light From Heaven which was published in 1948.

Light From Heaven

You can buy Christmas Carol Kauffman’s books from Christian Light Publications.

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