Melodramatic anti-Jon Huntsman ad was a false flag attack has damning evidence that the melodramatic attack ad supposedly produced by a Ron Paul supporter was actually produced by Jon Huntsman’s daughters. Two different articles on give extensive evidence showing that the twitter account with the same username as the youtube video was controlled by Huntsman’s daughters. The liberal news media tried to smear Ron Paul using this ad in hopes of bringing down Ron Paul but ultimately the attack failed. The ad was so ridiculous it bordered on parody thus causing the media’s reports to lack credibility. The news media had over hyped the Huntsman candidacy which was a total flop. Huntsman was given preferential treatment over former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson by receiving more news coverage and acceptance in the debates. Johnson was probably censored and ignored since his message and positions closely mirrors Ron Paul thus giving more credibility to each of them. Having two candidates on stage that were clearly opposed to the illegal wars the U.S. is currently engaged in as well as continually exposing the Federal Reserve would have even more rapidly increased the acceptance of those messages by Republican voters. Instead, those in power sought to curtail and control that message by only allowing one candidate on stage to espouse those views. Time is running out for the old establishment controlled media. Soon the majority of voters will get their information only from the internet and not from unreliable, biased, and uninformative traditional sources such as the tv and newspapers.

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