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Statewide Races:

Governor – Asa Hutchinson
Lt. Governor – Andy Mayberry
Attorney General – David Sterling
State Treasurer – Duncan Baird
State Auditor – Andrea Lea

State Senate:

District 09 – Bruce Holland
District 17 – John Burris

House of Representatives:

District 68 – Trevor Drown
District 87 – Lucas Roebuck
District 88 – Lance Eads
District 90 – Jana Della Rosa
District 93 – Bill Burckart
District 94 – Rebecca Petty
District 95 – Sue Scott

Northwest Arkansas Judicial and Prosecutor Races:

Circuit Judge, Dist. 4, Div. 1 – Doug Martin
Circuit Judge, Dist. 4, Div. 3 – Stacey Zimmerman
Fayetteville District Judge, Municipal Court – Tim Snively
Benton County Prosecuting Attorney – Nathan Smith


District 2:
Ann Clemmer
Conrad Reynolds

District 4:
Tommy Moll
Bruce Westerman

History of Arkansas. Information that every Arkansas Election Candidate for Conservative Should Know.

Arkansas admission to Statehood is June 15, 1836. The Arkansas Territory was a historic, organized Territory of the United States from July 4, 1819 to June 15, 1836, when it was admitted as Arkansas, the 25th U.S. state. Arkansas Post was the first territorial capital (1819-1821). Little Rock was the second (1821-1836) and has continued to be Arkansas' State Capital. There were 5 Governors of the Arkansas Territory from 1819 to 1836.

Arkansas was the first permanent French settlement in the lower Mississippi River valley and was the first territorial capital of the State of Arkansas. It was also the site of the only Revolutionary War combat in Arkansas as well as the site of an American Civil War Battle.

Arkansas Post was founded in 1686 by Henri de Tonti at the site of a Quapaw Indian village name Osotouy near where the Arkansas River enters the Mississippi River. The site was a strategic point for France, Spain, the United States, and the Confederate States at different times in history.

In 1803 Arkansas Post became a part of the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase. The post was selected as the first capital of the Arkansas Territory and became the center of commercial and political life in Arkansas. Prior to statehood the territorial capital was moved to Little Roc, Arkansas and Arkansas Post lost much of its importance.

During the American Civil War the Post became an important strategic site as it was the confluence of two major rivers. In 1862 the Confederate Army constructed a massive earthwork known as Fort Hindman named after Confederate General Thomas C. Hindman. In January of 1863 Union forces conducted an amphibious assault on the fortress backed by ironclad gunboats and destroyed both the fort and the civilian areas of Arkansas Post.

The former site of Arkansas Post was made into a state park in 1929. In 1960 the site was designated as a National Memorial and a National Historic Landmark. In 1966 Arkansas Post was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

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