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Voter Guide Conservative Candidates North Carolina

VOTE FOR Amendment One (Marriage Protection Amendment)

Governor of North Carolina:
Pat McCrory (R) - for Governor, Good conservative and leads the race
Paul Wright - Conservative, Tea Party Favorite, http://www.paulwrightforgovernor.com/issues2.html

Dale Folwell (R) Lt. Governor - Solid Conservative, State House Speaker Pro Tem,

Mike Causey (R) - State Insurance Commissioner

Steve Troxler - State Agriculture Commissioner

Mike Beitler (R) - Secretary of State

Greg Dority (R) - State Auditor

Steve Royal (R) - State Treasurer

US Congress Conservative Candidates North Carolina

List of conservative candidates for Congress from North Carolina

Richard Speer - 2nd Congressional District, Tea Party favorite

Walter Jones Jr. (R) - 3rd District Congress

Congress 4th District, Jim Allen or George Hutchins or Tim D’Annunzio

Bill Flynn - 6th Congressional District

Ilario Gregory Pantano (R) 7th District:

8th District: - John Whitley Tea Party Favorite
orFred Steen or Richard Hudson

Robert Pittenger 9th District:

Ken Fortenberry - 10th District, Tea Party Candidate.

Mark Meadows - 11th Congressional District

Paul Coble 13th Congress, Endorsed by Mrs. Jesse Helms

Pro Life North Carolina Conservative Candidates.

North Carolina will elect their conservative pro life voter guide candidates in the May 8, 2012 North Carolina Primary.

Dale Folwell for Lt. Governor - Conservative favorite. The next Lt. Governor of North Carolina has to be a verb, not a noun. Being a verb requires legislative experience, an ability to build bridges between the legislative and executive branches, and a good working relationship with the Governor. And be a pro life candidate. Dale Folwell

Far too many Christians have, for too long, approached politics as if it lies outside their primary responsibility as Christians. Many depend upon a list of candidates from a Christian Coalition voter guide. When the distinction is drawn between "church" and the "world," for example, it usually implies that politics, economics, science, technology, and mass media are part of "the world."

The 8th Congressional District, has quite a few conservative Republican candidates. However it appears that Obama supporter, Vernon Robinson should be running in the Democrat Primary, and should not be portraying himself as a conservative Republican.
Vernon Robinson http://bluenc.com/vernon-robinson-is-an-obama-fan%3F
Vernon Robinson http://www2.journalnow.com/news/2011/oct/16/wsmain01-vernon-robinson-defends-south-carolina-ca-ar-1504840/

Christian politics, therefore, must amount to more than the attempt to maintain upright personal behavior in a non-Christian environment. It must mean more than crusading for a few moral causes by political means. Christian politics must be about politics in its entirety. It must be about defining the very nature of government - about the structure, limits, and policy responsibilities of government. Our personal piety and heart-deep dedication to Jesus Christ should work their way out in the way we seek to obey God with all the political responsibilities we bear as public officials and as citizens.

Conservative Candidates Pennsylvania Voter Guide

Pennsylvania will elect their conservative voter guide candidates in the Pennsylvania Primary April 24, 2012.

Marc Scaringi - Conservative for US Senate of Pennsylvania. http://scaringiforsenate2012.com/
Citizen Legislator - conservative candidate position. Marc believes that public service should be a duty and not a career path. The self-serving interests of Washington's career-minded politicians have fostered America's reckless spending. That is why Marc will support and fight for a Term Limit Amendment.
More conservative candidates to be listed from Pennsylvania PA.

Pennsylvania candidates conservative candidates for congress, check back soon.

Conservative Voter Guide Candidates Oregon

Oregon will elect their conservative voter guide candidates in the Oregon Primary May 15, 2012.
Oregon will elect new Congress conservative candidates. The Christian life is thus confined to personal piety, to church activities, to family prayer and Bible study. From this point of view, a Christian's engagement in politics or business is seen as a step into the secular world where Christian principles may apply to one's personal behavior but not to the structures and functions of the political order or the corporation. We support the list of conservative candidates in our state.

Conservative Voter guide Candidates New Mexico

New Mexico will have elect their conservative voter guide candidates in the June 5, 2012 New Mexico primary. To the contrary, from a Christian point of view, we should see that, in Christ, believers have been called to bring every thought, every activity, every responsibility, captive to Christ. All of life is God's creation and is claimed by Christ. Or if we want to insist that the word "secular" means what it originally meant in Latin, namely, "of or pertaining to this world," then even the church is a secular institution. In either case, our conclusion will be the same: everything in all creation, including everything secular, belongs to God and comes under Christ's sacred authority and claim of ownership.

Conservative Candidates Colorado

Colorado will elect their conservative candidates in the Colorado Primary June 26, 2012.

From a biblical point of view, this dualistic distinction between church and world, between the sacred and the secular, is mistaken. Christ is lord of the whole world, over every dimension of creation. Non-Christian aims and purposes may predominate in politics, business, and the public media, but that does not mean these areas of life exist outside God's standards for creatively life or outside the domain of Christ's kingdom.





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