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Conservative Voting Guide Wisconsin

Conservative candidates Wisconsin
Wisconsin will elect their conservative voting candidates in the August 14, 2012 Wisconsin Primary. Wisconsin conservative voters get to select Republican Congressman and information provided is a voter guide.

Mark Neumann (R) - for US Senate is best choice from Wisconsin. Christian conservative
Lauren Stephens for Congress (WI-6) Wisconsin sixth District for Congress the favorite.

Wisconsin State Senate Tea Party Conservative Candidates

Senate District 14 Luther Olsen
Senate District 20 Glenn Grothman, inc. (R-West Bend)
Senate District 24 Scott Noble
Senate District 28 Mary Lazich, inc. (R-New Berlin)
Senate District 18 Rick Gudex (R-Fond Du Lac)
Senate District 30 John Macco, Ray Suennen

District Assembly Dist 3 Brandi Lefeber
Assembly District 13 Rob Hutton, Thomas Schellinger
Assembly District 25 Paul Tittl
Assembly District 26 Michael Endsley, Devin LeMahieu
Assembly District 34 Robert Swearingen
Assembly District 39 Mark Born, or Tracy Heron
Assembly District 49 David Kuhle
Assembly District 53 Michael Schraa
Assembly District 56 David Murphy, or Jim Pleuss
Assembly District 70 Daniel Wald
Assembly District 86 John Spiros

As Christians consider their responsibility, there are three vital principles to remember. First, government is God's institution! Civil government exists and functions by God's command, not because cave men created a social contract. Wisconsin voters know this.

Yet Christians have not always hesitated to "get involved" in American civil government. Rather, for much of our history, Christians were deeply committed to this role. In fact, most of our founding fathers were outstanding Christians (as opposed to the very few deists, agnostics or atheists constantly highlighted by today's anti-Christian elite). More Christians must now realize the Biblical basis for involvement. It then becomes a matter of obedience to God.




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