Florida Constitution Amendments November 2014 Election
Florida Race for Congress and Senate


Florida Constitutional Amendments

Florida Constitutional Amendments 2014

NO Vote on 2014 Florida State Constitutional Amendments

Amendment #1 Vote NO
Water and Land Conservation
This is a government land-grab and bureaucratic (union) jobs initiative. This amendment mandates that certain collected fees be dedicated to purchase and management even more state owned lands. Instead of allowing the legislature to use these fees to lower other taxes or at their discretion these funds estimated at $648 MILLION to $1.268 BILLION each fiscal year MUST buy land and provide more government jobs to maintain that land (often off-limits to the general public). Vote NO

Amendment #2 Vote NO
Use of Marijuana
Under the guise of “medical use” this initiative creates loopholes that will eventually make marijuana sale and use equal to the access of alcohol in Florida communities. Just follow the money and you see that personal injury attorneys are supporting and funding this as a way to increase lawsuits against those driving or working while “impaired” and causing injury to innocent victims. Vote NO

Amendment #3
Vote Yes
Appointment of Certain Judicial Vacancies

This is a politically charged initiative gives more power to an outgoing Governor to make judicial appointments at the expense of an incoming Governor. However, while this language is intended to clarify the Constitution, it is certainly not clearly written.
A Yes Vote favours appointments by the outgoing Republican Governor.

Florida Election Race For Senate

Florida  Candidates for congress
Florida Candidates for Congress

Florida US Senator

Bill Nelson (D) - Next Election in 2018


Florida Congressional Candidates for Congress 2014

Florida Congressional Candidates 2014
Florida Congressional Candidates 2014


Florida U.S. Congress - Congressional Election Republican and Democrat Primary

District 1:
Jeff Miller (R)
John Krause (R)
Travis Miller (R)
Jim Bryan (D)
Mark Wichern (Independent)

District 2:
Steve Southerland (R)
Gwen Graham (D)
William "Cleave" Drummond II (Reform)
Luther Lee (Independent)

District 3:
Ted Yoho (R)
Jake Rush (R)
Aquasia Johnson McDowell (D)
Marihelen Wheeler (D)

District 4:
Ander Crenshaw (R)
James Ryman Shoaf (R)
Gary Koniz (Write-In)

District 5:
Corrine Brown (D)
Thuy Lowe (R)
Gloreatha "Glo" Smith (R)

District 6:
Ron DeSantis (R)
David Cox (D)
Andrew Scott (D)

District 7:
John Mica (R)
Alan Azcona (R)
Zechariah Blanchard (R)
Don Oehlrich (R)
David Smith (R)
Wes Neuman (D)

District 8:
Bill Posey (R)
Christopher Duncan Jr. (D)
Gabriel Rothblatt (D)
Corry Westbrook (D)
Karl Balone (Tea) - Tea Party Activist
Leon Ray (Write-In)

District 9:
Alan Grayson (D)
Nick Ruiz III (D)
Jorge Bonilla (R)
Carol Platt (R)
Peter Vivaldi (R)
Laura Janay (Independent)
Roger Lee Peck (Write-In)

District 10:
Daniel Webster (R)
Bill Ferree (D)
Michael McKenna (D)
Shayan Modarres (D)

District 11:
Rich Nugent (R)
Mike Uminski (R)
Dave Koller (D)
Bruce Ray Riggs (Independent) - Tea Party Activist

District 12:
Gus Bilirakis (R)
James Denton Jr. (R)

District 13:
David Jolly (R)
Alex Sink (D)
Lucas Overby (Libertarian)

District 14:
Kathy Castor (D)
John Coney (R)
John Mark Grey (R) - Realtor

District 15:
Dennis Ross (R)
Alan Cohn (D)

District 16:
Vern Buchanan (R)
Henry Lawrence (D)
Mitch Mallett (D)
Daniel Durso (Independent) - Tea Party Activist
Joe Venuti (Independent)
Joe Newman (Write In)

District 17:
Tom Rooney (R)
John Sawyer (R)
Will Bronson (D)
Allen Ellison (D)

District 18:
Patrick Murphy (D)
Carl Domino (R)
Beverly Hires (R)
Ilya Katz (R)
Brian Lara (R)
Alan Schlesinger (R)
Calvin Turnquest (R)
Nick Wukoson (R)

District 19 - Special Election Primary April 22, 2014:
Lizbeth Benacquisto (R)
Curt Clawson (R)
Michael Dreikorn (R)
Paige Kreegel (R)
April Freeman (D)
Ray Netherwood (Libertarian)
Timothy Rossano (Write-In)

District 20:
Alcee Hastings (D)
Jean Enright (D)
Jay Bonner (R)
Gary Stein (R)

District 21:
Ted Deutch (D)
Emmanuel Morel (D)
Henry Colon (R)
W.M. "Mike" Trout (Independent)

District 22:
Lois Frankel (D)
Andrea Leigh McGee (R)
Jeremy Rodgers (R)
David Wagie (R)

District 23:
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)
Juan Eliel Garcia (R)
Joe Kaufman (R)
Stephanie Anderson (Independent)

District 24:
Frederica Wilson (D)
Michael Etienne (D)
Luis Fernandez (Independent)

District 25:
Mario Diaz-Balart (R)

District 26:
Joe Garcia (D)
Carlos Curbelo (R)
Ed MacDougall (R)
Joe Martinez (R)
Lorenzo Palomares-Starbuck (R)
Jose Peixoto (R)

District 27:
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R)
Elsa Gonzalez (Independent)



Allen West for Congress Florida 2012

Allen West runs into a bit of a problem has a major redistricting by the legislature has put him in an unfriendly Congress district. With a district that leans Democrat, the race ahead for Allen West will be competitive. He has nationally raised $6 million dollars, which should be enough for Allen West to buy the election.
A list of the conservative candidates for Senator, Congress and local races are found below for the August 14 Florida Republican Primary. Florida prepares to elect a new congressman and US Senator. The Florida election primary race is August

Congressman Allen West of Florida - Has Liberal Election Views about Obama Care

POMPANO BEACH, Florida — Although Rep. Allen West (R-FL) ran for Congress on a platform of completely scrapping Obamacare, he praised a number of its key provisions on Tuesday, putting him strangely at odds with many House Republicans leading the repeal effort.
In an interview with ThinkProgress, West pointed to three popular provisions of the health care law that he would like to see preserved: allowing parents to keep children on their health insurance plans until 26, ensuring that people with pre-existing conditions aren’t denied insurance, and closing Medicare’s prescription drug donut hole:

KEYES: Say we repeal [Obamacare] tomorrow. Do you think that will then precipitate a drop in insurance premiums?
WEST: Well you’ve got to replace it. You’ve got to replace it with something. If people want to keep their kid on their insurance at 26, fine. We’ve got to make sure no American gets turned back for pre-existing conditions, that’s fine. Keep the donut hole closed, that’s fine. But what I just talked to you about, maybe 20, 25 pages of legislation. The problem with West’s reasoning is that the pre-existing condition ban can’t function without an individual mandate or some other mechanism for bringing healthy people into the health care system. Without the individual responsibility provision, a death spiral begins whereby only sick people buy insurance and it soon becomes unaffordable for everybody. As the American Prospect’s Pat Caldwell writes, “the preexisting condition ban and the individual mandate are inseparably tied to one another.”

Still, West’s embrace of a few key parts of the Obamacare law puts him to the left of most of his Republican colleagues. As Politico reports, infighting has now broken out among Republicans between hard-liners who favor full repeal and lawmakers like West, who like some parts of the law. Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who is perhaps the man most responsible for Republicans coalescing around the full repeal effort, has long maintained that every piece of Obamacare needs to be scrapped, including the donut hole coverage. “There will always be those who slip through the cracks,” King explained last year.

West position is a strange position for a Republican in Congress who voted last year to fully repeal Obamacare but now wants to protect some of the health care law’s popular provisions.

For summary information about each of the candidates for governor Florida Candidates Governor
Information about election race for Florida US Senate Florida Senate Candidates 2012
Information about Florida senatorial candidates for senate. information.
Florida congressional candidates for Congress information. For Florida conservative Christian candidate recommendations and voter information click here: Florida Conservative Candidates 2012
Florida Election Race for Congress 2012 View the Christian Voter Guide, National and all states Christian Voter Guide

Florida History. What every Florida Senate Candidate Should Know:

Florida's History Timeline:

1803 - The United States of America claims West Florida and its capital Pensacola as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

1813 - England is not so keen on giving up Pensacola and General Andrew Jackson arrives to drive the British out.

1818 - Jackson's actions spark the first of two skirmishes with the Seminole Indians.

1821-1823 - Jackson becomes Florida's provisional governor when the U.S. purchases Florida and its capital St. Augustine from Spain. Tallahassee becomes the new capital.

1830-1840 - Florida's first flush of settlers arrives by steamboat and the population grows from 15,000 to 34,000.

1835-1842 - Seminole Wars.

1845 - Florida becomes the 27th state with 66,500 people.

1861-1865 - Florida becomes a non-state when it secedes from the Union. Florida provisions Confederate troops with salt, beef and bacon during the Civil War.

1878 - Tourism dawns at Silver Springs when Hullam Jones glues a window to the bottom of a rowboat and invents the glass-bottom boat.

1883-85 - Henry Plant lays tracks on the West Coast, Henry Flagler on the East Coast. Along with the railroads sprout luxury hotels and a new era for Florida travel.

1887 - Eatonville becomes the first incorporated municipality in America governed by its own African-American population.

1898 - Florida prepares for the Spanish-American War with forts and army camps.

1904-1912 - Flagler rides the rails to the end of the line, extending his tracks the 156 miles from Miami to Key West.

1908 - Jacksonville becomes Florida's Hollywood, where producers make early movies - years ahead of Hollywood, actually.

1928 - Transportation makes another forward lurch with the opening of the Tamiami Trail from Tampa to Miami.

1946 - Jackie Robinson scores a homerun for his people in Daytona Beach as the first African-American to join an all-white team.

1947 - President Truman dedicates Everglades National Park.

1959 - Fidel Castro's assumption of power results in the first influx of Cuban immigrants to Florida.

1961 - Transportation looks skyward as Cape Canaveral sends its first manned vessel into space.

1971 - Walt Disney World opens outside Orlando.

1980 - Nearly 125,000 more Cuban immigrants arrive in the Mariel boatlift.

1982 - President Reagan signs the Miccosukee Constitution, making Miccosukee Indian territory independent from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

1984 - Miami debuts its $1 billion Metro rail system.

2000 - President Clinton authorizes a massive project to restore the fragile eco-system of the Everglades, which have existed and nourished life since the beginning of time in Florida.



Florida Conservative Congress Recommendations:

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