New York Candidates for Governor

Primary: April 19, 2016

Presidential Election Day: Nov. 8, 2016

Federal Office Primary: June 28, 2016
State Office Primary: September 13, 2016

New York Governor

New York Governor Candidates 2016
New York Gubernatorial Candidates 2016

Next Gubernatorial Elections are in 2018

Andrew Cuomo (D)
Tom DiNapoli (D)
Stephanie Miner (D)
Zephyr Teachout (D)
Rob Astorino (R)
Chris Gibson (R)

New York Congressional Candidates 2016

New York Congressional Candidates
New York Congress Candidates

District 1:
Lee Zeldin (R)
David Calone (D/IP)
Anna Throne-Holst (D)
Mitchell Jones (Independent)

District 2:
Pete King (R)
DuWayne Gregory (D)

District 3:
Jon Kaiman (D)
Anna Kaplan (D)
Steve Stern (D)
Jonathan Clarke (D)
Brad Gerstman (D)
Tom Suozzi (D)
Philip "Flip" Pidot (R)
Rob Trotta (R)
Jack Martins (R/C/IP)

District 4:
Kathleen Rice (D)
David "Bull" Gurfein (R)

District 5:
Gregory Meeks (D)
Nate Lawrence (D)
Ali Mirza (D)

Michael O'Reilly (R)

District 6:
Grace Meng (D)

District 7:
Nydia Velazquez (D)
Yungman Lee (D)

District 8:
Hakeem Jeffries (D)

District 9:
Yvette Clarke (D)
Jaime Sanders (R)
Joel Azumah (I)

District 10:
Jerrold Nadler (D)
Oliver Rosenberg (D)
Philip Rosenthal (R/C)

District 11:
Dan Donovan (R)
Erica Garner (D)
Richard Reichard (D/WF)
Lawrence Gilder (Reform)

District 12:
Carolyn Maloney (D)
David Eisenbach (D)
Pete Lindner (D)

District 13:
Suzan Johnson Cook (D)
Adriano Espaillat (D)
Adam Clayton Powell IV (D)
Robert Rodriguez (D)
Mike Gallagher (D)
Robert Jackson (D)
Guillermo Linares (D)
Clyde Williams (D)
Keith Wright (D)
Martin Chicon (R)
Tony Evans (R)

District 14:
Joe Crowley (D)
Frank Spotorno (R)

District 15:
Jose Serrano (D)
Adolfo Carrion (Independent)

District 16:
Eliot Engel (D)
Derickson K. Lawrence (D)
Stylo Sapaskis (R)

District 17:
Nita Lowey (D)

District 18:
Sean Patrick Maloney (D)
Diana Hird (D)
Sakima Brown (R)
Dan Castricone (R)
Ken Del Vecchio (R)
John Lange (R)
Phil Oliva (R)
Frank Spampinato (R)
Scott Smith (Independent)

District 19:
Bob Bishop (R)
John Faso (R)
Andrew Heaney (R)
Rob Shaver (R)
John Kehoe (D)
Zephyr Teachout (D/WF)
Will Yandik (D)

District 20:
Paul Tonko (D)
Joe Vitollo (R)

District 21:
Mike Derrick (D)
Elise Stefanik (R)
Matt Funiciello (Green)

District 22:
George Phillips (R)
Aaron Price (R)
Claudia Tenney (R/C)
Steve Wells (R)
Dave Gordon (D)
Kim Myers (D)
Martin Babinec (IP)
David Pasick (Libt)

District 23:
Tom Reed (R)
John Plumb (D)

District 24:
Colleen Deacon (D)
Eric Kingson (D)
Steve Williams (D)
John Katko (R)

District 25:
Louise Slaughter (D)
Mark Assini (R)
Brandon Kirshner (I)
Tony D'Orazio (Libt)

District 26:
Brian Higgins (D)

District 27:
Chris Collins (R)
Diana Kastebaum (D)



History of New York. Information that every New York Governor Gubernatorial Candidate Should Know

The history of New York City begins on September 3, 1607 when Englishman Henry Hudson in the employ of the Dutch East India Company sailed the ship the Half Moon through The Narrows into Upper New York Bay. Hudson was looking for an easterly passage to the Orient. While not finding the sought after easterly passage he did make note of the abundant beaver population. Beaver pelts were in fashion in Europe and were a lucrative business. Hudson's report on the beaver population of the New York area served as the impetus for the founding of Dutch trading colonies in the New World among them New Amsterdam which would become New York City. The beaver's importance in New York City history is reflected by its use on the city's official seal. The vote in New York City normally determines who is the next governor.

Prior to Hudson's exploration, the Italian explorer, Giovanni da Verrazzano, in command of the French ship, La Dauphine (Fr. The Dolphin), visited the region in 1524. It is believed he sailed in Upper New York Bay where he encountered native Lenape, then returned back through the Narrows where he anchored the night of April 17 then left to continue his voyage. He named the area of present day New York City, New Angoulême (Fr.: Nouvelle-Angoulême) in honor of Francis I of France, King of France and Count of Angoulême in the Charente region in France.

The area that would become New York City was the location for multiple battles of the American Revolutionary War including the largest battle of the war, the Battle of Brooklyn. George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States on April 30, 1789 in front of Federal Hall and the city served as the capital of the United States until 1790. Who is the current governor of New York?

Modern New York City traces its development to the consolidation of the five boroughs in 1898 and an economic and building boom following the Great Depression and World War II. Throughout its history, New York City has served as a main port of entry for many immigrants, and its cultural and economic influences have made it one of the most important urban areas in the United States, and the world.

New York Candidates for Congress

New York Senate Candidates

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