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Christian Conservative Events, Huntsville, Shoals, North Alabama

1.  Madison and Morgan County.  Host a 5 day Good News Club, Child Evangelism in your home.

2.  I Love America Whitesburg Baptist Church, July 1,2, 3

3.  Bill Gothard Seminar, Huntsville Covenant Christian Academy, week of July 11-16.  Seminar in Basic Life Principles.

4.  Divorce Care, every Wednesday 6:30 PM Whitesburg Baptist Church Huntsville.

5.  Bud Cramer votes for higher taxes, more government regulation.

6.  Congressman Bud Cramer and his lack of leadership concerning Social Security

7.  Social Security is Stealing Our Future

8.  Shoals Area Christian Events


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1.  Host a 5 Day Good News Club, in your home.

Child Evangelism will teach a 5 Day Good News Club in your home for one week during June, or July.  You provide:  1. House, 2. Refreshments, 3. Invite grammar school kids from your neighborhood to attend.  For more information in Huntsville contact Susan R.Stulting


Phone: 830-6542, 655-8824 In Morgan County call 353-3139


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Because of limited seating, registration forms need to be quickly mailed to Covenant Christian Academy.

Please give to church secretary for church bulletin announcement.

Church coordinators wanted for Basic Life Principles Seminar. Roles of church coordinator include: 1.  Give to church secretary, request church bulletin announcement to be printed in church bulletin. 2.  Have announcements made to church. 3.  Assist interested people with registration form.

If you can assist in the role of church coordinator,  please call 498-0929, or email or


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4.  DIVORCE CARE, at Whitesburg Baptist Church. 

Meets every Wednesday at 6:30 PM.  For more information, call 704-5678, ext 233.


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5.  Bud Cramer's voting record on key issues can be found at:

TRIM is a nonprofit organization who objective is "Lower Taxes through Less Government".  Bud Cramer voted for higher taxes and more government 87% of the time.


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6.  Congressman Bud Cramer and his lack of leadership concerning Social Security.

Comments from Gerry Wallace, former Republican nominee for Congress:

Citizens of North Alabama would do well to monitor the voting record of Representative Bud Cramer rather than the rhetoric from his team or the liberal news media. Ultimately the voting record is the only true test, and you will frequently find his record not matching up well at all with our ideas.

As an example, for those of us who think our tax burden is already too heavy, a review of the Trim Report will show that, on 8 recent votes, his actual voting record show him firmly locked into the "tax and spend" party 87% of the time. My advice is to first check your own wallet as you contemplate future decisions regarding the representation of the citizens of district 5.

Furthermore, I understand that Mr. Cramer has done an about face, right on cue and in lockstep with his true "leadership" and now feels confident that Social Security is healthy after all. Many in Washington D.C. make their living by discussing impending disasters, but have no real desire to do anything beyond using these situations for talking points.

During one of the debates between President Bush and Al Gore, before the previous election, Candidate Bush responded to one of Gore's proposals with a short, but telling, comment, "I'd get it done." Now, he is "getting it done" attacking the "third rail", and those who talk and posture are totally off base. They are rallying against their own previous talking points, because someone is actually trying to work to improve the lot of the American people. For most in D.C. an emergency timeline exists only if a calamity will take place before the next election.

Rest assured, Social Security is in trouble, and to say otherwise is an outright lie. Those who have been in office for over a decade know it's in trouble or they have been asleep their entire career.

Private accounts frighten those who want to maintain control of your money. They want the power to determine what happens; you cannot be trusted to make the right decisions. Besides, then it truly is your money, and it will pass on to your family. For those used to the power and control, that is a frightening thing.

For those who cry that privatization will lead to massive debt, the truth is that that debt already exists. We are owed that money, but it is not there because congress has been spending it on unrelated items (buying votes) rather than truly taking care of our retirement. The difference that would exist as a result of the proposed reforms means only that the debt would be recognized and documented, and more difficult to cover with an old carnival shell game, as is the current practice.

Chuck Baldwin
Florida Marriage Amendment
John McCain Marriage Amendment

Liberal sources will be reluctant to share the news of positive plans for Social Security reform but they do exist. A plan that has been put forth by Congressman Ryan of Wisconsin is the best I've evaluated to this point, and it shows the "deficit" to be relatively short lived, followed by abundance (safely out of reach of Washington's sticky fingers.), signs.


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7.  Social Security is Stealing Our Future.

Great articles that provide more information on Social Security can be found at:



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