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Judge Moore defends Eminent Domain at Rally

About 200 people attended a rally near Tuscaloosa City Hall.  Few politicians seem willing to stand for the people, but Judge Roy Moore and a few others did.  The city of Tuscaloosa were about to use the force of power to take land for Tuscaloosa's Urban Renewal Project.  When Judge Moore came to town, the City of Tuscaloosa quickly backed down. 

Because the City of Tuscaloosa made the dramatic shift of policy, the Fox News Network cancelled Judge Moore's appearance on the Hannity & Colmes program.

The rally was held to oppose Tuscaloosa's urban renewal plan that calls for the city to purchase private property and resell it to private developers.  Council says it will revise plan and won't sell land to private developers.

Read an article about the rally at:

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MO BROOKS addresses rally, stresses importance of protecting the rights of individual home owners. Lieutenant governor candidate Mo Brooks, a conservative Republican, said the state law allowing eminent domain in the case of blight is flawed to the point of being moot.  "The definition of blight is so large, it is a loophole that swallows the law," Brooks said.


Mo Brooks also said "This is a dog and pony show, where [government] acts like they're doing the right thing, but they're doing the wrong thing," he said. "Our forefathers fought a war, and that war was over property rights." Read the rest of the article at:

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The Eminent Domain Rally was sponsored by Alliance for Citizens Rights

The Alabama Legislature in 2005 passed a weak bill offering little protection.

  The legislature passed and Governor Riley signed into law a bill which they said would prevent authorities from seizing private property for economic gain.  Condemnation proceedings by Tuscaloosa have demonstrated that Governor Riley and the legislature’s claim that the new law would protect property owners were false. 

Considering the foregoing pattern of deception, what are the chances that the City of Tuscaloosa will stand by a resolution - a mere statement of intent expressing the sentiment that the city will not condemn property and forgo a major portion of a one hundred million dollar taxpayer giveaway “grant?”

Without an Alabama Constitutional amendment that is worded in a firm, straightforward fashion, one point that the following list of speakers pointed out at the Thursday rally, secure private property ownership will no longer exist in Alabama.

Setting aside their campaign for State office in support of this worthwhile cause was: Judge Roy Moore, Mo Brooks and Harold Sachs.  Conservative activists included Margaret Brown from Eagle Forum, Buddy Hanson, and Don Casey.

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Eminent Domain Public Bills

HB-622 is the Black Amendment and is the companion bill of the ALFA/Preuitt amendment, SB-446, in the Senate.  This is the very weak amendment providing almost no protection for our citizens.  We must stop this bill!

Unfortunately, we have no statewide leadership that are standing for the people, leaders of the Alabama Legislature, the Governor and Lt. Governor appear to be asleep at the wheel.

There is also a very strong amendment called the French Amendment in the Senate.  We need to have this bill introduced in the House and then passed in order to have the necessary protections in the Alabama Constitution. Representative Allen will attempt to get this bill introduced.  We need to speak in favor of the French bill and request that the French amendment be introduced.

For full information on both bills and a comparison of what each does or does not do; go to: 

Information on SB-446, which is the same as HB-622 (the weak bills), and SB-368 (the strong bill known as the French Bill) are located on the right hand side of the home page. This will come up when you click on the above site.  

Read the Proposed Constitutional Amendment to protect our right of eminent domain: 

Thanks: We need you.  Ken Freeman, ACR

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Subject: ACTION ALERT! Calls needed on Eminent Domain 

Please Forward!

Immediate action is needed for Alabama's Eminent Domain bill!

Ken Freeman was recently on Russ and Dee and made the following request. Please, everyone make these calls today.  Failure to action on your part will likely result in much more government abuse of private citizen property rights.

1.  Calls to Representative Bill Dukes 334-242-7689 telling him we need Senator French's Eminent Domain bill (SB368) passed and request that he let Representative Gerald Allen's eminent domain bill out of committee.

2.  Call your Senator and your Representative and tell them we need Senator French's Eminent Domain (SB368) passed.

Alabama House Switchboard:  334-242-7600
Alabama Senate Switchboard:  334-242-7800?


Glenn Murdock, Conservative Judge, Announces for Supreme Court

Montgomery, Ala. Glenn Murdock is seeking the spot now held by Justice Bernard Harwood, a Republican who is retiring. Murdock will face former Supreme Court Justice Jean Brown in the Republican primary on June 6.
Several lobbyists for business organizations attended Murdock's announcement, along with Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker, a former aide to ousted Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore and the candidate who defeated Brown in her re-election bid for the Supreme Court last year.

Parker said Murdock was one of the attorneys who successfully defended Moore when he was a circuit judge in Gadsden and was being sued over displaying a homemade plaque of the Ten Commandments in his courtroom.
"He just has bona fide evangelical legal credentials," Parker said.

Judge Roy Moore

Webmasters Note: Former Supreme Court Justice Jean Brown was defeated in the Republican Primary in 2004 by Tom Parker. Jean Brown holds the distinction in modern memory, of being the only state wide judge defeated in their own party political campaign primary. Many observers credit Jean Brown's defeat to her infamous vote to remove the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Supreme Court.

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