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reappoint judge roy moore

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Alabama Sheriffs Association

In the United States, a sheriff is generally, but not always, the highest law enforcement officer of a county. A sheriff is in most cases elected by the population of the county. The sheriff is always a county official and may serve as the arm of the county court (but these may be called marshals). The scope of a sheriff varies across states and counties. In some states the sheriff is officially titled "High Sheriff", although the title is rarely used. In urban areas a sheriff may be restricted to court duties such as administering the county jail, providing courtroom security and prisoner transport, serving warrants, and serving process. Sheriffs may also patrol outside of the city or town limits, or inside by agreement with the city; in these areas, sheriffs and their deputies serve as the principal police force.

The political election of a person to serve as a police leader is chiefly an American tradition. The practice has been followed in the British Channel Island of Jersey since at least the 16th century. A sworn law enforcement officer working for a sheriff is called a "sheriff's deputy", "sheriff's officer", or something similar, and is authorized to perform the sheriff's duties. In some states, a sheriff may not be a sworn officer, but merely an elected official in charge of sworn officers. These officers may be subdivided into "general deputies" and "special deputies". In some places, the sheriff has the responsibility to recover any deceased persons within their county, in which case the full title is "sheriff-coroner". In some counties, the sheriff's principal deputy is the warden of the county jail or other local correctional institution. A Dodge Durango belonging to the Sheriff of Todd County, South Dakota.

In some areas of the United States, the sheriff is also responsible for collecting the taxes and may have other titles such as tax collector or county treasurer. The sheriff may also be responsible for the county civil defense, emergency disaster service, rescue service, or emergency management.

In the United States, the relationship between the sheriff and other police departments varies widely from state to state, and indeed in some states from county to county. In the northeastern United States, the sheriff's duties have been greatly reduced with the advent of state-level law enforcement agencies, especially the state police and local agencies such as the county police. In Vermont, for instance, the elected sheriff is primarily an officer of the County Court, whose duties include running the county jail and serving papers in lawsuits and foreclosures.[clarification needed] Law enforcement patrol is performed as well, in support of State Police and in the absence of a municipal police agency in rural towns.

Sheriff David Clarke from Milwaukee advises citizens to arm themselves for their own protection. With cutbacks to police departments, calling 911 may no longer be the best option.

A report about the Sheriff on NPR reveals that despite the “outrage” by some that “this call to arms will make the Milwaukee area more dangerous not less,” the Sheriff’s statements are not unusual. He released a public service message that said, in part,

“With officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option…Consider taking a certified safety course in handling a firearm so you can defend yourself until we get there. You have a duty to protect yourself and your family.”

The truth is that even without cuts in police, 911 response times differ from city to city. If citizens can protect themselves, particularly women, they have a better chance of survival in a life-threatening situation.

Alabama Sheriff Association Limits our 2nd Amendment Rights

"The scaremongering by the Sheriff's Assoc. is baseless. They claim that removing discretionary authority of a sheriff to issue or deny a permit will allow criminals to carry guns. This is nonsense. The reform bill only allows permits to be issued to people who can pass a federal background check. This would automatically exclude convicted criminals and those who have been judged mentally incompetent. Permits would have to be issued to persons who could legally purchase and own a firearm, and that is the way it should be. Allowing sheriffs to deny permits to legal gun owners is tyrannical. We all know that those intent on crime will carry guns anyway. What is the sense is trying to deny that right to a legal gun owner? "

I am sure that you can find someone to explain the other side of this issue, either one of the bills several sponsors or someone else who can point out the pro-liberty reforms made by the bill. It is by no means perfect, but it is a better bill than the current laws we are living

"The state of Alabama felon firearms laws restrict felons from ever owning or possessing a firearm. Even if your sentence was suspended, you’ve served your time or you have been a citizen in good standing for many years, if you are caught in possession of a firearm you face up to 10 years in prison or possibly more depending on your criminal history."

Well for heaven sakes you all know that criminals will get guns even if guns are out lawed. I feel that if every body has a gun we will be on even ground. And who knows something may happen in which guns may be issued by the government, and training for how to use the weapon by ordinary citizens. We may have to stand up and fight for America. Yeah, some intruder comes into my house and trys to harm my family, he's going to be dead. You should have it in the bill that convicted felons and mentally ill people can't get guns. Yall like to put the cart in front of the horse all the time. Next time READ the bill first.

How are you all gonna make the determination of one that is mentally ill. Are you gonna go by the federal list or by medical records either way this violates our
rights. Do you consider vet's with PTSD all a threat or are you going to take it on a case my case basis. How are you getting the funding for that DHS. Be careful we are on a slippery slope ladies and gentlemen

Arizona - Promotes Constitutional Gun Laws

Arizona lawmakers, stepping into the contentious national gun control debate, approved a controversial measure on Tuesday mandating that cities and counties resell firearms turned in during gun buyback programs rather than melt them down.

The Republican-controlled Arizona state Senate voted 18-12 to no longer allowed firearms to be destroyed by local municipalities, saying it was a waste of taxpayer money. The state House approved the bill in March.

The measure must now be signed or vetoed by Republican Governor Jan Brewer, a staunch gun rights advocate. A spokesman for the governor declined comment on the fate of the legislation late on Tuesday.

State Senator Rick Murphy, a Republican, said destroying the turned-in weapons was a waste of money that could be generated by these gun sales and has urged his colleagues to cast aside the "emotional rhetoric" raised when the issue of guns comes up for public debate.

But Democratic State Senator Steve Gallardo said Arizona needs to stop wasting its time on such bills and embark on a serious discussion about guns.

"We should have a serious debate on firearm safety and accessibility," Gallardo said. "We have the most liberal gun laws in the nation and that has to stop. We need to start working on how to get guns out of the hands of criminals."


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