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draft judge roy moore

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Alabama Local Races
Wayne Parker - Congress - 5th District - WVNN Attack Machine Dale Jackson

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Christian Voter Guide

North Alabama

Madison County

Robert (Bob) Long County - Commissioner 1
Faye Dyer - County Commissioner 2
Mike Parsons - County Commissioner 3
Mo Brooks - County Commissioner 5
Cory Brown - Tax Collector
Susan Newman - License Director
Against - Referendum to raise sales taxes Vote on June 3

Morgan County
Stacy George - County Commissioner

Tuscaloosa County
Don Wallace County Commissioner District 1

2008 Alabama Candidate Endorsements - For List in June 2008 Primary Conservatives

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What are the issues in Madison County Alabama?

For More information on the Huntsville State Senate race, District 7, visit: Huntsville State Senate Alabama House District,

Conservative Christians evaluates candidates on issues dealing with a pro family, and pro life values as well as issues as anti-illegal immigration and tax increases. We believe that Republican office holders should act like Republicans.

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Additional candidate information can be found at Alabama Republican Assembly Alabama Republican Assembly

Alabama Conservative News

The latest Alabama Conservative News can be found at: Suppressed News

Eagle Forum of Alabama

John Eidsmoe, Law Professor - Comments on History and the Alabama Constitution History Alabama Constitution



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More info at: Citizens for Responsible Constitutional Reform Citizens for Responsible Constitutional Reform


Congressman Parker Griffith

Dr. Parker Griffith is a state senator from Huntsville and is leading the charge for Alabama Democrats for Congress from Alabama's 5th Congressional District. Is Parker Griffith a liberal on abortion? He appears to be pro-choice as reflective by his lack of action on the subject in the Alabama legislature. The below articles reflect Dr. Griffith's position on illegal immigration. Griffith for Congress campaign is slowing down.

Madison County Alabama - County Commission

Mike Gillespie Madison County Chairman
Mike Gillespie
Huntsville Alabama, Madison County Commission. Jerry Craig

Roger Jones

Roger Jones, Madison County Commissioner. Roger Jones

Roger Jones County Commissioner
The latest news on Illegal Immigration Immigration News

Immigration News Conservative The Hazeleton Rebellion

The Mayor of Hazelton, PA is carrying the fight against illegal aliens and the ACLU to the Supreme Court.
Local jurisdictions across America, beginning in Hazleton, Pa., have decided they need to act to control crimes committed by illegal aliens in their towns. A variety of laws against illegals as tenants, against illegals as company employees, and in favor of English as the required language, have resulted.
The dimensions of the problem are clear. A recent Justice Department audit (reported in The Washington Times Jan. 9) revealed more than 70 percent of illegal aliens arrested in the U.S. had previously been arrested for five or more crimes. The crime problem is compounded when you add the financial costs of additional medical care, additional education and additional police and prisons, due to illegal aliens.

Bad Immigration Legislation Could Pass Immigration News

Years of dawdling have worsened our border security and made it harder to fix this broken system," said Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, the Vermont Democrat who will lead the Judiciary Committee next year. "We should not let partisan politics and intolerance continue to delay and derail effective reform."
Democrats in both chambers say they will start with some form of legislation first drafted by Sens. John McCain, Arizona Republican, and Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, which was the basis for the bill that was approved earlier this year by the Senate. House Republicans and many outside Congress derided that bill as "amnesty" for allowing illegals to remain in the U.S. and eventually become citizens.

Ratings of Alabama Legislature (Click Here)

How Conservative or Liberal is your State Senator or Representative?

Ratings based on many key votes in Alabama Legislature.

These ratings are the major basis for our endorsements.


MARCH 20, 2007

How Did Your Legislator Vote?(Click Here)

Click here to read about Eminent Domain, our Legislature failed to take action to protect our property rights.

Alabama Christian Coalition

The voter guides of Conservative Christians and the Alabama Christian Coalition Voter Guides are often confused. In the days when John Giles headed up the Alabama Christian Coalition, the voter guides and stands on the issues of Conservative Christians was virtually identical. The national Christian Coalition and Pat Robertson have lost their creditability because of the weird stand have taken on many issues. For example, last year Pat Robertson endorsed liberal Rudy Guiliauni for President, which was a shock to the conservative community. Then there was the famous Billion Dollar Bob Tax Plan in Alabama. The National Director of the Christian Coalition, Roberta Combs, came to Alabama and held a press conference to endorse this massive tax increase. Roberta Combs called this tax increase the "Christian thing to do". This was so unusual that even the Wall Street Journal made comments about it. Many people felt that Pat Robertson and Roberta Combs had lost their creditability, and their were many rumors that they would say anything for money. As a consequence of the National Christian Coalition losing their creditability, the Alabama Christian Coalition broke away from their national ties and renamed themselves as Christian Action Alabama. Many other state affiliates also broke away from the national group as well. Today, national Christian Coalition is deep in debt, has closed their Washington office, and only has a web site to pretend that their are a national organization with very limited following.

When Alabama President John Giles and his group broke away from Pat Robertson and the national group, the national group appointed Dr. Randy Brinson of Montgomery to be the new state director of the Alabama Christian Coalition. Dr. Randy Brinson has proved that he is very much like Pat Robertson, as he also lacks creditability. Time and time again, Randy Brinson and his group have sided with liberal groups like the Alabama Education Association (AEA). Just a couple of years ago, Randy Brinson and his group sided with the AEA on a text book issue. All the other conservative groups on the state opposed this bill. Constantly conservative groups in the state like Eagle Forum, Alabama Constitution Party, Conservative Christians of Alabama, Alabama Republican Assembly, and Alabama Defenders are on the opposite side of issues from Randy Brinson. A classic example was a bill before the Alabama Legislature that was supported by Randy Brinson and also gambling groups. All the above mentioned groups opposed this bill.

Just recently, Randy Brinson has sided with liberal Dr. Parker Griffith in the remarks made by Dr. Griffith on radical Islam. Again, Randy Brinson is standing alone and on the other side of the fence from other conservative groups. Again Randy Brinson lacks creditability. The lack of principle which Randy Brinson operates and more details of Randy Brinson openly supporting gambling can be found at:
Also read more at Right Wing Watch: - In an unlikely partnership, Christian Coalition of Alabama Chairman Randy Brinson joined forces with a Democratic state senator to call for better health care for the state's uninsured. http://www.rightwingwatch.org/category/individuals/randy-brinson

draft judge roy moore

 draft judge roy moore
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10 Commandments Life Chain News, click here
Ten Commandments US Supreme Court Issues Ruling on two Ten Commandments cases, click 10 Commandments
Conservative News Conservative News with views
Stone Tablets of the Ten Commandments Stone Tablets 
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draft judge roy moore

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draft judge roy moore




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Iowa Gay Marriage

Iowa gay marriage decision may hinge on liberal legal standard

A former Iowa Supreme Court justice believes that the same-sex marriage case that the court will hear Tuesday may hinge on one of the first decisions the court will make, when they choose the standard of review to apply to the case.

In Varnum v. Brien, six same-sex couples from Polk County are arguing that the state�s 1998 ban on gay marriages is unconstitutional. The state is defending the Defense of Marriage Act, which passed by wide margins in the state Legislature a decade ago.

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