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Alabama Common Core Book Resolution

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Subject: Resolution concerning the teaching of moral values vs. immoral values in Alabama school books and in the classrooms.

We Southern Baptist of Alabama, do hereby reaffirm the fundamental right of parents to raise our children to oversee our children’s education. Textbooks and literature should be approved by concerned local parents.


WHEREAS, The enduring American tradition that parents have a fundamental right to not only rear their children, but also the right to oversee their education, has been established by the Bible as the parents responsibility. It is of great concern many of the new school books that have recently appeared in our classrooms that teach immoral values and a perverted lifestyles.

WHEREAS, a highly objectionable high school book, "The Bluest Eye," by Toni Morrison, is a smut book filled detailed graphic depictions of sex scenes incest and child molestation. The plot revolves around a drunk guy raping his little daughter and the girl getting pregnant and going insane. Filled with poignantly vivid descriptions of incestuous rape, and a morally depressing life gutter like style. This book displays as normal the perversion of incest, domestic violence, prostitutes, alcoholics, nasty-behaving white racists, and home after pathetic home with not a trace of love anywhere. The book is gross, shocking and perverse. The average family would be shocked that this book would be considered as great classic literature, replacing the traditions of the past. Reading this book aloud to young children would be embarrassing to the average Christian parent.

WHEREAS, "Dreaming in Cuban," by Cristina Garcia should never be considered as classic literate but playboy smut. This book is focused on soft core porn, graphically displays least 30 different sex or sex related scenes and many other odd things. A book filled with pervasiveness of sexual violence and child abuse in this narrative. Every child in this story is treated horribly. A main character is raped, in a scene that felt disturbingly eroticized. This book is the opposite of up lifting, a book of dysfunctional family behavior, poor life choices and emotional unhappiness. Nothing positive or motivating to teach good character is reflected in this book.

Both books "The Bluest Eye," and "Dreaming in Cuban," are commonly banned in public libraries in Alabama and across our nation as noted by the American Library Association. Biblical values are scorned and children are exposed to smut as if it were a normal thing, which encourages the breaking down moral barriers, leading to sex experiments at young ages. Children should be encouraged to keep God's moral laws, not taught how to violate them. The Seventh Commandment, "Thou shalt not commit adultery", and strong family lifestyles as reflected in classic literature should be the cornerstone of education, not the encouragement or teaching of a lifestyle that encourages immorality, and a violent defaming of family lifestyle. These books make it a appear that a lifestyle of adultery, fornication, rape, and violence are normal. These books fill the readers mind with degrading bad thoughts and are not conducive to moral character.

WHEREAS, the new Common Core History, is a new social agenda teaching of history that replaces traditional values American history. Common Core has brought the new text book into our classrooms, "A People's History of the United States", by Howard Zinn an avoid socialist. The new American history is about Indians' struggle against Europeans, blacks' struggle against racism, women's struggle against patriarchy, and workers' struggle against capitalists. According to Zinn, the separation from Great Britain, the Civil War, and both World Wars all were the result of basic greedy motives of the "ruling class" -- rich men to get richer at the expense of others. Removed are the concepts or our godly forefathers, who came to America for religious freedom, to establish a country and a Constitution of limited government and protect individual freedoms as reflected in our Bill of Rights. Instead our Christian forefathers are portrayed as evil greedy capitalist as the founding of America was the pursuit of exploitation and profit. Major portions of tradition American history are simply omitted. Howard Zinn scorns the founding fathers of America and replaces the traditional praise of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson with Marxist philosophy. Gone are the respect we had for George Washington and our forefathers, and the character building stories of the soldiers weathering the cold winter of Valley Forge, and the words of wisdom from Thomas Paine, which are replaced by secular philosophy that teach children to think like liberals. This is the most widely read history book at American universities. With over a million copies printed, it is now becoming a standard book in Alabama high schools. - See more at: http://hnn.us/article/1493#sthash.fCkbrrRx.dpuf

WHEREAS, Our children should be reading character building proven classic literature of the past, like Pilgrims Progress, The Red Badge of Courage, Anne of Green Gables, Gone with the Wind, Paradise Lost, Little Women, Tale of Two Cities, Black Beauty, The Adventures of Pinocchio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Canterbury Tales, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, etc. Classic literature encourages moral behavior, those who strive to do what is right prevail in the end. In the moral conflicts of good vs. evil, those who endure and are faithful to living a life of character prevail over prevail a positive concept of good being triumphant over evil. Reading the classics of the past fills a young mind with positive and uplifting thoughts, encourages moral behavior.

Why is Classic Literature excellent literature? How does literature earn the title of "Classic"? Classic literature has the characteristics of being on best seller lists for decades, and their consumer demand appears to be fueled by the principles of life that are taught moral qualities and uplifting positive feeling that the reader enjoys. An underlying theme of Classic Literature is the Biblical themes and moral teachings that are woven into the book. For example, Pinocchio. As Pinocchio struggles between choosing good or evil, he is punished with a longer nose for telling lies. As he succeeds in being a good boy, at the end he is redeemed by getting a new body and becoming a real live boy. As we see moral values demonstrated in this book and the real life punishment for sin, we also are looking forward to Biblical redemption of receiving a new immortal body. Snow White and Cinderella both model ladies for our children who live a moral lifestyle even in hard times. The Biblical theme of service to others is reflected in their lives. In the end, their reward is to be rescued and married to the Prince. We also look forward to this Biblical theme, as the Prince of Peace, Jesus, comes to rescue and marry the Church in the great Marriage of the Lamb that we see in Revelation. Tale of Two Cities, demonstrates the story of when one person gives his life to another, a very Biblical and Christ like theme in the Bible. Pilgrims Progress, This book has been heralded as a literary masterpiece around the world, as it has been published in over 100 languages and is the most read book other than the Bible. Amazing visual effects, beautiful locations and a wonderful cast bring to life the story that has inspired each generation for hundreds of years. Follow Christian, the main character, and his companions on a great Journey from the City of Destruction to the gates of Heaven as they face obstacles large and small, man-made and demon-spawned. Bunyan's powerful allegory teaches us all the hazards and hopes of the Christian life, and it features the triumphant glory that awaits all who faithfully follow the King of kings! Are we going to learn from one of the wisest men of England, John Newton? Get the movie and see your children watch it again and again, as they learn moral character and enjoy the story as they watch good triumph over evil. Proverbs 1:7 "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction."

The Canterbury Tales and works of Shakespeare demonstrate moral values found in Proverbs and through scripture, and for centuries these literature classics have been proven in the test of time. As our children read the great classic literature, the lifestyle of Biblical moral values are taught and reinforced. The lessons of life are demonstrated and the positive qualities of living a Biblical lifestyle are positively taught. Reading these classics leave positive uplifting thoughts that effect the children for a life time. Classic Literature is wining to teach today the moral and Biblical lessons, and is waiting today for a child to pick it up and reading so that the traditional teaching may continue to teach the next generation.

THEREFORE, the Alabama Southern Baptist, do hereby reaffirm the fundamental right of parents to raise our children, teaching them basic moral values, and to teach them to become citizens who reflect character in their lives. The wishes of parents should be considered in the selection our children’s educational school books.

THEREFORE, The Alabama State School Board and State Superintendent are encouraged to carefully examine the new Alabama school books for content and moral values. Books that do not meet standards of basic moral values should not be used in Alabama classrooms. Request that the above mentioned books be further evaluated, as well as other similarly approved new Common Core books used in Alabama class rooms. Request that preference be given to traditional classic literature and text books, not materials that demean Christianity and moral values, or contain foul and sexually explicit language, promote promiscuity and excuse rape and incest, as reflected in "The Bluest Eye," and "Dreaming in Cuban,". Request that Alabama State School Board consider the replacing smut literature with the character building classic books of the past. Further request that our history books reflect traditional American history and character building stories of our forefathers. They should not teach a left wing socialist agenda.

To Be Approved by Alabama Baptist

judge roy moore for governor

The below is from an Amazon book review comments. Dreaming in Cuban
This is too gross to put in a Resolution.

From Amazon:
When you mix soft core porn and culturally confused Cubans, you get this, Dreaming in Cuban, PIECE OF CRAP LITERATURE. I think their must have been at least 30 different sex or sex related scenes and oh so many other odd things. One example is when one of the characters (a girl) masturbates to her mother's old boyfriend's picture, imagining him going down on her...! The plot is so badly intwined and mixed together you want to question ever reading again! FOR THE SAKE OF LITERATURE DON'T READ THIS!

judge roy moore for governor


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