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Luther Strange the Alabama Attorney General.. Luther Strange has been a candidate for public office in Alabama during both the 2006 and 2010 elections. In addition to being a politician Strange has been a registered Congressional Washington D.C. lobbyist for more than a decade. Strange is a resident of Mountain Brook, Alabama, a wealthy suburb just outside of Birmingham Alabama. In 2006 Strange ran for Alabama Lt. Governor and defeated George Wallace, Jr. in the Republican primary. Strange lost the general election to Jim Folsom in 2006. Strange has launched another statewide campaign for 2010, this time he is running for Attorney General against Republican incumbent Troy King. The Republican primary was held on June 1, 2010, which Luther Strange won decisively with conservative support.

Interesting article about Luther Strange, by John Killian

This past Friday, I met with Luther Strange, candidate for Alabama Attorney General. The meeting was held at the request of Mr. Strange. Consider that, in the past, Musings from Maytown had been quite critical of Luther Strange and his candidacy. However, this writer prayed for an open mind as I met with four pages of intense questions on his qualifications and the issues of the day. Readers should expect that conservatives are uneasy with the position of Troy King, the incumbent Attorney General. King has received, through Pac-to-Pac transfers, contributions from gambling interests. King has thrown roadblocks to prevent efforts from Governor Riley to crackdown on illegal gambling. Pro-life activist James Henderson has expressed opposition to King on his lack of interest in taking decisive pro-life action. King's record has been weak in implementing a conservative agenda. District Attorneys in Madison, Cullman, Lee, St. Clair, Shelby, Barbour, Morgan, and Autauga counties have endorsed Luther Strange over the incumbent Attorney General Troy King.


Our new Attorney General Luther Strange on Gambling

Alabama's attorney general is discussing a big issue around the state: e-bingo. Governor Riley's task force on illegal gambling is dissolved now and many operations want to know how to proceed. Monday on Good Day Alabama, Luther Strange said that he has spoken with Bessemer as well as Greenetrack and says there is an option for bingo businesses to go to court.

"We've met with Greenetrack and their owners," said Strange. If they'd like to test these machines in court and have their answer once and for all, they can have their day in court." Luther Strange also said that he and Governor Bentley will work as a team to decide how to proceed with electronic bingo in Alabama.

ALCAP Comments on Luther Strange and Gambling

Comments by Attorney General Luther Strange to the National Indian Gaming Commission A recent ALCAP Alert asked that comments be sent to the National Indian Gaming Commission to ask them to make a clear and unmistakable distinction between Class II and Class III tribal gambling machines and make its primary focus to prove whether or not the slot machines are safe. As noted in the ALCAP Alert, a recent 60 Minutes segment revealed all forms of electronic gambling machines, regardless of whether they are Class II or Class III machines, have proven to be severely harmful for hundreds of thousands of Americans. ALCAP salutes Attorney General Luther Strange for his letter to the National Indian Gaming Commission commenting on these slot machines and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). Click on the link below to read Attorney General Luther Strange's letter. Comments to the National Indian Gaming Commission by Attorney General Luther Strange Luther Strange Legal Letter on GamblingS/strong>

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