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Recommended Conservative Candidates for Mayor and City Council Alabama 2012

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Tim James


Birmingham Area Candidates for Mayor

Adamsville Mayor - Pam Palmer

Hueytown Mayor - Delor Baumann

Midfield Mayor - Gary Richardson

Gardendale Mayor - Othell Phillips

Sylvania Mayor - Tony Goolesby,

Oxford - Mayor - Christy Hughes

Montgomery Area Candidates for Mayor

Phenix City - Mayor - Eddie Lowe
Tallassee - Mayor - Fred Randall Hughey
Prattville - Mayor - Bill Gillespie
Wetumpka - Mayor - Ken Hammock
Pike Road - Mayor -David Hughes

Mayor: Ken Hammock
Dist. 1, Kathy Holt or Frank Bertarelli Dist. 2, Percy Gill Dist. 3, Garris Welch
Dist. 4, Chris Carter Dist. 5, Bob Barker

Mayor- Bill Gillespie, Jr.
Council Seat #1- Albert Striplin Council Seat #2- Willie L. Wood, Jr.
Council Seat #3- Denise B. Brown Council Seat #4- Gerald “Jerry” Starnes
Council Seat #5- Michael E. (Mike) Reneger Council Seat #6- Ray Boles Council Seat #7- Lora Lee Boone

Mayor: Jon Chapman
Dist. 1, Smilie Jackson Rogers Dist. 2, Billy Wesson Dist. 3, Leon Williford
Dist. 4, Howard Goza or Harold Hogan Dist. 5, Wayne Allen

Mayor: Al Kelly (no opponent)
Ward 1, Victor Lloyd Ward 2, Penny Nichols
Ward 3, Earl Monroe Ward 4, Lamar Turner Ward 5, Fred Watts (no opponent)

Selma - Mayor - George Evans

North Alabama Candidates for Mayor

Madison - Mayor and City Council
Mayor - Don Palmer
District 1 - Tim Holcombe
District 2 - Steve Smith
District 3 - D.J. Klein
District 4 - Mike Potter
District 6 - Gerald Clark
District 7 - Ronica Ondocsin

Huntsville - Mayor - Jacki Reed or Tommy Battle?
Commit: Tommy Battle has in many ways done a creditable job, bu this endorsement of the Property Tax to be voted on August 28, and his close support and association with the Huntsville Housing Authority, defines Tommy Battle as not being very conservative.
Loretta Spencer has been associated too closely with the Democrat left, too close to many scandals, and her use of the police force to harass pro life demonstrators, defines Loretta as TOO Liberal.
Jacki Reed - known as the Huntsville Unofficial Watch Dog is the most creditable candidate.
Ask Jacki Reed about property taxes? Every City Councilman could learn from her. Read below about property tax vote on August 28.

Huntsville School Board - District 1 - Gwen Ragland
Huntsville School Board - District 5 - Mike Culbreath

Decatur - Mayor Don Stanford,

Athens - Mayor Ronnie Marks or Brad Horner

Hartselle - Mayor - Don Hall or Lee Hartsell
Place 1- Kenny Thomas or Bill Drake Place 2- Bill Smelser
Place 3- Karen Owens or Mike Roberson Place 4- Dick Carter
Place 5- Jason Armstrong or Franklin Turney
School Board - Bruyne Rollins or Venita Jones

Cullman - Mayor Marshall Rowe

Anniston - Mayor - Vaughn Stewart

Mayor -
Council Place 1: Bill Dear Council Place 2: Robert H. Winn (I) and Cody Weaver Council Place 3: Gary Boyett (I) and Irv Bell
Council Place 4: Dorothy Johnson (I) and Drew Albright Council Place 5: William Todd Powers (I) and Adam Hollingsworth

New Hope
Mayor - Russell "Rusty" Bright
Council Place 1: Dean Manley (I), or Thomas McPeters Jr. Council Place 2: Kay Manley (I)
Council Place 4: Craig Hill (I) Council Place 5: Joy Stapler Connally

Owens Cross Roads
Council Place 1: Tim Wright

Rainsville Mayor - D.L. Stiefel


The following organizations recommend a NO vote to the property tax in Huntsville, subject to the voters on August 28, 2012.

Conservative Christians of Alabama
Huntsville Conservatives for Liberty
Whitwsburg Baptist Church Citizens Task Force
Madison County Republican Assembly
We the People of Huntsville
The Madison Institute
Alabama Clergy Council
Alabama Defenders of the Constitution
Alabama Exodus Mandate

Alabama Issues of the Day

MORE TAXES PLANNED. With the Obama Recession that we are in, Alabama tax revenues are forcing the state to either cut back or find more ways to gouge the tax payer. The latest ploy is to use a 1939 law, and use it to tax and regulate the internet. The wish to burden Alabama businesses with more paper work, and force the tax payers to pay new sales taxes on purchases through the Internet. If this passes, a NEW tax burden will be added when you file your income taxes, pay sales taxes on everything you bought on the Internet. Ask you local legislator to VOTE NO. Alabama Internet Tax Bill

Alabama Constitution Amendment Election September 18, 2012

The General Accounting Office estimates that 10 to 15 percent of payments to Medicaid providers are fraudulent. That means $600 to $900 million of fraud each year in Alabama’s $6 billion Medicaid program. That’s four to six times more than the $146 million the Governor wants to take from the Alabama Trust Fund each year. Read more about the Alabama Constitution Amendment election to be held on September 18, 2012 http://ccofal.org/alabama/alabama-constitution.phtml Alabama Constitution Amendment September 18, 2012

Alabama Forever Wild Constitutional Amendment

In the middle of a recession, should Alabama Taxpayers spend $300 Million to purchase more land for so-called conservation efforts, or should the funds be used to build more highways and create thousands of needed jobs in Alabama? Alabamians are told that funds for "Forever Wild" do not cost them a penny because they come from Alabama gas royalties for the Alabama Trust Fund. But there is no such thing as a free lunch!

Over 222,000 acres of Alabama land have been taken out of production of the private sector (and the tax rolls) and converted into idle, non production status. We have seen the federal government, especially under President Bill Clinton, grab thousands of acres of land, and take them out of use from the private sector. Forever Wild is the state version of what Bill Clinton has done for the environmental "land grab" lobby. The Alabama Forever Wild Program is an example of a liberal environmentalist dream to squander tax payers dollars. Vote NO to the Alabama Forever Wild Constitutional Amendment. Read more about
Forever Wild at: Forever Wild Alabama For Alabama Tea Party information, and to find a local one to join. visit:

The national news media respects and fears the Tea Party movement. We get credit for a lot of things we have done, and not done. In these difficult days, we need to confront our elected officials and encourage them to do the right thing.
Find a Tea Party near you:
Alabama Tea Parties

Alabama Tea Party, holds regular events and tea parties in cities across Alabama in 2012 Click for more info: - Alabama Tea Party

Alabama Gun Shows

Over 20 Gun Shows will be in Alabama during 2012, and one near you. Do you have adequate protection during these perilous times? For an Alabama Gun Show near you, click here: Alabama Gun Shows Schedule and VPI gun Shows
Alabama Gun Shows and Gun Control Debate

Some Great Alabama Conservative Organizations

Alliance Against Abortion

Alabama Eagle Forum

Conservatives for Liberty

League of Christian Voters

Defenders of Constitution

Constitution Party of Alabama

Senior News

Veterans Aid


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