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Mike Pence Congressman from Indiana - For Governor or President

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Mike Pence President 2012
Mike Pence President 2012

Mike Pence Biography

Mike Pence was born in Columbus, Indiana June 7, 1959. He was one of six children. He attended Columbus North High School and graduated from Hanover College in 1981 and earned his Doctorate in Jurisprudence from Indiana University School of Law in 1986. While at Hanover, Pence joined the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta, serving as his chapter's president. Following graduation from law school, Congressman Pence ran for Congress in 1988 and 1990. In 1991, Pence was named president of a conservative state think tank based in Fort Wayne known as the Indiana Policy Review Foundation.

In 1992, Pence started a career in radio broadcasting and, two years later, Network Indiana syndicated his show statewide. The Mike Pence Show aired weekdays on 18 radio stations. Pence also hosted a Sunday morning political television show in Indianapolis from 1995 to 1999.

Mike Pence and his wife Karen have three children: Michael, Charlotte, and Audrey and reside in Columbus, Indiana. The Pence family lives in Arlington, Virginia, while Congress is in session. Pence attends Community Church of Greenwood in Greenwood, Indiana and describes himself as "a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order."

Michael Richard "Mike" Pence is the U.S. Representative for Indiana's 6th district, and previously the 2nd district, serving since 2001. The 6th district covers much of Eastern Indiana. He is a member of the Republican Party.

In November of 2008, he was also selected to be the Chairman of the House Republican Conference. After helping the Republican Party to regain control of the U.S. House two years later, Pence announced on Nov. 3rd, 2010, that he would be resigning from his position as chairman. This touched off renewed speculation that he might be positioning himself for a 2012 gubernatorial or presidential election bid.

Mike Pence's Political Positions

He is the former chairman of the Republican Study Committee, who are a group of conservative House Republicans. He has stated his support of Israel and its right to attack facilities in Iran to prevent them from developing nuclear weapons, has defended the actions of Israel in its use of deadly force in enforcing the blockade of Gaza and has referred to Israel as "America's most cherished ally" Pence claims to have been influence by Traditionalist Russell Kirk and holds some views that are in line with Traditionalist Conservatism and Burkean philosophy. Pence opposes setting a public withdrawal date from Iraq.

Civil Liberties

Pence staunchly opposes anti-semitism and is co-chair of the Congressional Task Force Against Anti-Semitism.

Immigration Reform

In June 2006, Pence unveiled a plan he describes as "no amnesty immigration reform" consisting of increased border security, followed by strict enforcement of laws against hiring illegal aliens, and a guest worker program. This guest worker program requires potential participants to apply from their home country to government-approved job placement agencies that match workers with employers who cannot find Americans for the job. The plan has received support from conservative leaders such as Dick Armey.


Pence voted for the tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, and advocates making them permanent, as well as the Partial Birth Abortion Ban and "Operation Offset" to counterbalance Hurricane Katrina spending. He has been a strong opponent of federal funding for elective abortions in accordance with the Hyde Amendment . He has voted against federal subsidies for embryonic stem cell research, and has cosponsored pork barrel spending reform.

Guantanamo Bay

Mike Pence is opposed to shutting down Guantanamo Bay and trying the suspected terrorists in the US. He believes that trying detainees inside the United States puts “international public relations ahead of public safety and makes a mockery of American justice”. As an alternative, Pence has said that the “enemy combatants” should be tried in a military tribunal.

Fairness Doctrine

Recently, Pence has urged House Democrats to sign a petition which would discharge the Broadcaster Freedom Act, a bill that would outlaw restoration of the Fairness Doctrine. Pence believes that the Fairness Doctrine will "censor the airwaves of American talk radio and American Christian radio"

Online Gambling

Pence is an advocate of a federal restrictions of online gambling. In 2006, he along with 34 others cosponsored H.R. 4411, the Goodlatte-Leach Internet Gambling Prohibition Act and H.R. 4777, the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act.

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Congressman Mike Pence

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