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Judge Roy Moore for Chief Justice Alabama Supreme Court for 2012

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Judge Roy Moore - for Alabama Supreme Court 2012

Judge Roy Moore
Judge Roy Moore

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Judge Roy Moore - http://www.judgeroymooreforchiefjustice.com/

In front of the State Judicial Building where Roy Moore said he last stood eight years ago as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court before being removed from office, he said Tuesday he was running for another term as chief justice.
Moore was removed from office in 2003 for refusing to follow a liberal federal judge’s order to move a more than two-ton monument that included the Ten Commandments from the State Judicial Building.
“There is no question I know this job and I believe the people of Alabama know exactly what I stand for,” Moore said.

“I’ve never been a fan of special interests and special interests have never been a fan of me,” Moore said.
But, he said, he already has high name recognition. Moore said he is ready to travel the state again meeting people and said he will try to raise money.
Moore said he was proud of his time as chief justice, which followed his election in 2000. He said he wrote a key advisory opinion about the prohibition of gambling devices in Alabama and said that opinion has helped guide state and federal courts during the fight over gambling in the state.
Moore, who lives on a farm in Gallant in Etowah County, also said the state’s high court, under his leadership, ended the “Equity Funding Lawsuit,” saving taxpayers $1 billion, and ended the “unlawful occupational tax” in Montgomery County.

Moore, 64, told the Associated Press in an exclusive interview that lots of people have encouraged him to enter the Republican primary. “Definitely I can do the job. I’ve done that job and I did it well,” he said.
Moore was elected chief justice in 2000. A trial court for judges removed him in 2003 for refusing to abide by a federal judge’s order to remove the monument from public display in the state judicial building. If he runs and is elected, Moore said he has “no plans at this time” to move the monument from its current location at Cross Point Community Church and Coosa Christian School in Gadsden. “But as far as acknowledging God, that is something that I have no option. I will always do that,” he said.


Official Web Site: Judge Roy Moore - http://www.judgeroymooreforchiefjustice.com/



Human Events Magazine declares Judge Roy Moore, "Man of the Year 2003."

Three enormous big cheers for Ann Coulter and Human Events Magazine (I worked for them 20 years ago hosting a radio show called "Dateline Washington: News and Commentary from Human Events") for their heroic stand declaring Judge Roy Moore, "Man of the Year."

In sharp contrast, World Magazine thumbed their nose at Moore and selected as "Daniel" of the Year, Dr. Philip Johnson, for his work in the field of "Intelligent Design" (a philosophy which believes that atheism is wrong, but the Bible must not enter into scientific discussions). Johnson is a man who is on record advocating (a) the belief that God may have used evolution to create the world; (b) belief in billions of years, and (c) worst of all---he has repeatedly apologized for the Gospel, by insisting that neither Jesus nor the Bible have any proper place in the public scientific discussion over origins. Th decision by World was sadly consistant with their philosophy of pluralism and cultural surrender which was brazenly heralded throughout their Daniel of the year edition. Stay tuned for more in-depth analysis...

In the meantime, I want to treat you to some nuggets from Miss Coulter's outstanding essay found at web site: www.HumanEventsOnline.com.

"...Only the attack on Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore's Ten Commandments got national attention. And it was a newsworthy event: When liberals attacked, Moore didn't fold...

A lot of conservatives said Moore was wrong to refuse to comply with the court’s idiotic ruling. Conservatives keep trying to play fair in the faint hope that, someday, liberals will play fair too. Note to conservatives: That will never happen. The conservative argument for enforcing inane court rulings is that the only other option is anarchy. But we are already living in anarchy. It’s a one-sided, Alice-in-Wonderland anarchy in which liberals always win and conservatives always lose—and then cheerfully enforce their own defeats. Oh, you see an abortion clause in there? Okay, I don’t see it, but we’ll enforce it. Sodomy, too, you say? Okay, it’s legal. Gay marriage? Just give us a minute to change the law. No prayer in schools? It’s out. Go-go dancing is speech, but protest at abortion clinics isn’t? Okie-doky. No Ten Commandments in the courthouse? Somebody get the number of a monument removal service. What passes for “constitutional law” can be fairly summarized as: heads we win, tails you lose. The only limit on liberal insanity in this country is how many issues they can get before a court. If a federal judge can issue an opinion premised on the finding that Chief Justice Moore is “Congress,” why can’t Moore, in his capacity as “Congress,” tell the judge he’s impeached? But we can’t do that, conservatives say, because that’s not really what the liberals mean. And if we don’t give liberals everything they want, when they want it, it will lead to anarchy.... Judge Roy Moore Poem

Apparently the only thing standing between a government of laws and total anarchy is the fact that conservatives are good losers. If we don’t obey manifestly absurd court rulings, the argument goes, then liberals won’t obey court rulings when they lose. Point one: They almost never lose. Point

two: They already refuse to accept laws they don’t like. They do it all the time—race-discrimination bans, bilingual education bans, marijuana bans. If you don’t let them win every game, they walk off with the football...

...But if I were a man rather than part of the frivolous, nonproductive chattering class, Roy Moore is the man I’d like to be. He lost his judgeship because he did what was right. He took an oath to uphold the Constitution, not to uphold whatever blather a liberal judge manages to put on paper. He followed the real law, not liberals’ make-believe law. He put principle above his personal interest or comfort. He was actually brave—and this is the only newspaper in the country that will say so. The Ten Commandments monument was removed, but this time, not without a fight.


By Doug Phillips


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