Judge Roy Moore

Judge Roy Moore has been endorsed as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court


WETUMPKA -- Conservative Christians of Alabama, a statewide pro-life, pro-family organization, has released its endorsements for statewide offices.

Conservative Christians have been active in promoting conservative family values for several years. The recommendations for candidates who stand for strong family values for statewide offices are:

For an easy-to-print list of conservative Christian candidates you can distribute or take to the polls, click here. PRINT LIST!

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice: Judge Roy Moore

Court of Criminal Appeals
Place 1: Greg Shaw
Place 2. David Estes
Place 3. Alice Martin

Court of Civil Appeals
Place 1. Ralph Long or Tommy Bryan

State Board of Education, District 7: Pat Ellis

Recommended Pro-Life Delegates to the Republican National Convention

Statewide Delegates

Place 1 Richard Shelby
Place 2. Jeff Sessions
Place 3 Steve Windom
Place 4. Bill Pryor or Stacy George
Place 6. Betty Fine Collins
Place 7 George Wallace, Jr.
Place 8. John Amari
Place 9 Mike Hill
Place 10 Obie Evans
Place 11 Mark Gaines or Martha Brooks
Place 12 Jim Zeigler
Place 13 Starkey Armistead
Place 14 Don Wallace
Place 15 Jimmy Blake
Place 16 Bill Armistead
Place 17 Cam Ward
Place 18 Bob McKee
Place 19 Mary Sue McClurkin or Marty Connors
Place 20 Elaine Little
Place 21 Dick Compton
Place 22 Jeff Caddell
Place 23 Jeremiah Denton

Congressional District 1
Place 1. Sonny Callahan
Place 2. Juanita Chandler
Place 3. Victor Gaston

Congressional District 2
Place 1. Terry Everett
Place 2. Bill Harris or Jerry Lathan
Place 3. Dick Brewbaker or Greg Wren

Congressional District 3
Place 1. Winnel Wooten
Place 2. Larry Sims
Place 3. Randy Jinks

Congressional District 4
Place 1. Steven King
Place 3. Roy Smith

Congressional District 5
Place 1 Melba Peters
Place 2 Hugh McInnish
Place 3 Hood Harris

Congressional District 6
Place 1 Spencer Bachus
Place 2 Jabo Waggoner
Place 3 Francis Widerman

Congressional District 7
Place 1 Susan Bargainer
Place 2 Joy Bargainer or Goodloe Sutton
Place 3 Gerald Allen

Madison County Commision, Chairman Herb Burton

Jefferson County

Circuit Judge Place 1 Lee Cleveland
District Judge Place 9 Tom Davis
Probate Judge Pat Moore
Circuit Clerk Don MacDermott
Circuit Judge Place 5 Ginette Dow
Constable in Dist 46 Jeff Caddell

This information released from Conservative Christians of Alabama, Tom Blackerby Chairman, 170A Chason Rd, Wepumpka, Al 36092

Fortunately, in this primary, there are many fine candidates to choose from. There were many strong pro-life, pro family candidates who were not endorsed but should make excellent public officials. To vote in the Democratic Primary is to vote to support the pro-gambling, pro-homosexual party of Bill Clinton and Don Siegelman. Vote for family values on June 6, vote Republican.

__ Tom Blackerby, Chairman

Ways You Can Help Below

Register to vote here for June 27 runoff! Deadline already passed for June 6 primary.

Ways You Can Help

1. Send the email below to every conservative Christian in Alabama. All. Keep sending it until the June 6 primary.

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Every conservative Christian in Alabama needs to vote June 6 and cast an informed vote. Our judiciary, the pro-life plank in the Republican platform, and the need for a strong, pro-life Vice-President hang in the balance.

As a resource for your prayerful consideration, a list of candidates endorsed by Conservative Christians of Alabama is at:


Please prayerfully consider these candidates and urge others to follow your example. You can help by quickly forwarding this email to every conservative Christian in Alabama for whom you have an email address. Please keep sending it more and more until the June 6 primary. Thank you.

Tom Blackerby, Chairman

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2. Print the list of endorsed candidates and distribute it to conservatives. Click here for PRINT LIST!

Find out what was right in Alabama in 2008 and candidates endorsed: Right In Alabama

3. Be sure every conservative Christian becomes informed and votes June 6. Turnout will be low. We need our people to vote for Judge Roy Moore and the Alabama Conservative Ticket.

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