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Utah Candidates for Governor



Utah Gubernatorial Candidates 2014 Democrat and Republican

If you notice that a candidate’s name is missing in the Utah governor election race of 2014, please notify us to add it. Send email to clyde2 @live.com

Utah Governor Candidates
Utah Governor Candidates 2014

State Primary: 2014

Utah Governor

Gary Herbert (R)

Utah Lieutenant Governor

Spencer Cox (R)


Utah Candidates for Congress

Utah Congressional Candidates
Utah Congress Candidates 2014

District 1:
Rob Bishop (R)
Peter Clemens (D) 
Donna McAleer (D) 
Craig Bowden (Independent) - Tea Party Activist

District 2:
Chris Stewart (R)
Luz Robles (D) 

District 3:
Jason Chaffetz (R)

District 4:
Bob Fuehr (R) 
Mia Love (R)

Governor Candidates for Election Race

History of Utah. Information that every Utah Election Candidate for Governor Should Know.

Long before Euro-Americans entered the Great Basin, substantial numbers of people lived within the present boundaries of Utah. Archaeological reconstructions suggest human habitation stretching back some 12,000 years. The earliest known inhabitants were members of what has been termed the Desert Archaic Culture--nomadic hunter-gatherers with developed basketry, flaked-stem stone tools, and implements of wood and bone. They inhabited the region between 10,000 B.C. and A.D. 400. These peoples moved in extended family units, hunting small game and gathering the periodically abundant seeds and roots in a slightly more cool and moist Great Basin environment.

It is generally agreed that the Navajos, the largest Indian tribe in the United States, came into the Southwest sometime after A.D. 1300, even though the Dine' ("the People") themselves do not attest to this. The Dine' mention their strong relationship to their Anasazi, the Ancient Ones, in their mythology and ceremonies. This relationship justifies to them permanent ties and absolute use-fights to the native land that is bounded by four sacred mountains: the Blanca Peaks in New Mexico on the east, Mount Taylor in New Mexico on the south, the San Francisco Peaks in Arizona on the west, and the Hesperus Peaks in Colorado on the north. The Navajos live "in severely eroded plateau country . . .colorful, beautiful to look at, but hard to make a living from."

Utah Senator Candidates 2014

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