Is Fox Business more liberal than CNBC?

Fox Business is hosting the next Republican Presidential debate on November 10. After the blatant liberal bias shown by the CNBC moderators at the October 28 debate, conservatives were looking forward to a supposedly friendlier debate on the Fox Business Network.

However, conservatives have been deceived into supporting a network that they think is favorable to them unlike the rest of the liberal media.

Trish Regan

The following interview by Trish Regan of Rep. Louie Gohmert illustrates that Fox Business is just as liberal as CNBC. Trish Regan, who is one of the moderators for the debate hosted on Fox Business, attacks Louie Gohmert in this interview for being against the $700 billion TARP bailouts in 2008. After he defends his opposition to the bailout and also his not voting for the liberal Paul Ryan as speaker of the house, she cut off the interview.

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